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1/14/2015 c4 fraden
The guy, happy with his relationship with mandy or not, is a cheating bastard who tries to justify his disgusting ways by showing how his girlfriend is lacking so he could get some with his no strings attached bullshit when he's still obviously committed. Yeah blame it on how hard it is to break up a long relationship, blame it on the reason that you didnt want to hurt her, blame it on everything, but it still doesn't change the fact that you slept with another girl behind her back and because of his warped sense of not wanting to hurt her, he just ended up making her into one big fool. If there is anything eorse than a mere break up, its knowing that your shitty boyfriend has been sticking his penis on another girls vagina cause you wont give in to what he wants. The girl on the other hand is a selfish bitch who will give false hope to a man just to secure her big vain safe bubble, someone who would rather hurt others to avoid being in pain, therefore her version of stick to the person who is safe and disregard him like he doesn't have feelings just to satisfy your screwed up concept of a relationship despite the fact that you no longer feel anything, only proves that she is indeed a selfish bitch. Imagine what disaster she might have caused if her brother and his cheater of a best friend didn't interfere. She'd make david and herself miserable as well as their future children cause she was just that stupid. God this story is all kinds of messsed up.
6/10/2011 c4 CharlotteBradhadair
it was sad but really good - i liked the ending
4/12/2011 c4 2mooniemex
I LOVED this...you could feel every emotion...there were a few mistakes but otherwise very well written!

hugs and smiley faces!

9/9/2009 c4 animegirl214
aw! i REALLY wasnt gonna cry. i was trying so hard not too...

but i did! and it sucks cuz i have a cold right now and so my runny nose is 2 times worse :P lol
9/7/2009 c4 Alenor
oh good, i'm so glad he came back. great story ~ Alenor
9/3/2009 c4 Icyfire4w5
Noah has died... No, Noah is alive and well! Thank you very much for this lovely twist, and yay, Noah and Ayzlin have reunited. Yippee!
9/3/2009 c1 Icyfire4w5
I'd been dying to read some military stories. Wow, and I'm happy that I've discovered yours. :)
8/27/2009 c4 60-Forgotten-Love-0
OH MY GOD I cant stop crying.. I was feeling extremely lonely and decided to find a story to read.. damn glad i chose this one..

Willie Hiller is in the US army and I'm deep in love with him... I cant stop crying becasue.. less than a week ago Willie shipped out to Iraq... I miss him so much, and reading your story showed me its haard for everyone .. also, its soo insane how similar this story is to our relationship.. Willie has been stationed in North Carolina for the last year and a half.. we met a long time ago in high school (im a senior) and started talking more recently..I've never actually been with Willie as lovers.. but I know I love him. I hate to admit it, but we broke up 2 weeks before he left, I feel so horrible about it...I feel like I'm that stupid chick Noah was with blah not a happy thought...

.. Willie and I talked all night, before he left and through many tears I managed to tell him something.. “Just do me a favor and don’t be brave over there, okay? You are my world now, and by coming home, you can give me what you want.”

is pretty much exactly what I told him..When I read that line.. I couldnt help but start sobbing even more .. (I know im so pathetic!) ... I miss him so much and I hope to God that he comes back to me safe and that we can have a life together...

Thank you for a great story.
4/19/2009 c4 1Pretend Jane
That was really an amazing story. They felt like such real people. I knew you couldn't kill Noah. That would have ruined the whole story for me. I'm just glad to see them reunited. I guess what he went through was not good. I love military stories too. I don't really find a lot of them on here. But anyway good Job. I'll definitely come back and read more of your stories when I get more time.
3/11/2009 c4 CarlyJo
That was amazing, I am now bawling, so excellent job!
2/17/2009 c4 3greenestar
this was really good! i'm glad he came back! so good! i love your stories! :D
2/12/2009 c4 angie
great story well done. will look forward to your next story thank you
2/12/2009 c4 RockFan
O - M - G!

Do NOT make me cry before work!

That was beautiful! Excellent job and beautifully written! I absolutely loved it!
2/11/2009 c4 1HisFiestyBeauty
2/11/2009 c4 1Nollie Marie
my lonely tear will join yours then. It was wonderful. I was just wondering if we'll ever know if we'll find out what happened to Noah when he's MIA, just a thought...
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