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for Your love is better than chocolate

5/11/2011 c1 1leavesfallingup
I liked you story and the premise, but I think that the ending would have been more fun if Stacey was put out at the end because your protagonist ended up with the best looking guy in the party.
8/21/2009 c1 4slee5133
aw. thats sweet.
4/4/2009 c1 6anita darling
Damn. All your stories are really cool. Interesting. (:

And out of the three I've read so far, none of the main characters could raise an eyebrow.
4/3/2009 c1 anaa-pixie
HA that is so awesome

! write more!
3/14/2009 c1 DLETE THIS OLD
cute story :D
2/25/2009 c1 5amezz
I liked this, it was really cute:) Not what I expected at all, I'm glad:)
2/16/2009 c1 2Jayn
Very adorable. I'm so glad she got her happy ending!

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