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2/8/2010 c4 lifeisveryshortsoami
What's this? How come I haven't heard of this webiste? This is for stories that don't involve Channy? Is...that...possible?

Sorry I didn't send a review every chapter. Turns out I didn't have to go to the nursing home today, so I figured I'd take some time and get to reading. I thought since this was a mystery, it might be kind of like the Halloween swac story you have...except for, once I actually started reading, I realized it wasn't.

For example, this story was very...is morbid the right word? Finding a head in the kitchen, an evil man who was using real human parts to put his lover back together...You have a very interesting imagination sometimes, Trinity. At times, I was grossed out, others amazed by the way you could lessen the tension. Hehe - thanks for telling me about it!

Just so you know, I pictured you as Trinity (I think I was supposed to do that!) and me as Melissa, even though you didn't know me when you when you started writing this. It was fun to see myself as the evil person!

Well, I have the zombie scroll going on now. I finally see how annoying it is. I will stop talking now...

But it really was a really cool mystery!
2/10/2009 c1 1thar nyme
im confuzzled
2/10/2009 c4 1TheEntertainer26
Garrett is a great villain...I could imagine him being a villain in a big time film!

I love the part in the middle just before the interval,the way you described Trinity slipping away slowly...it was astounding.

I am in love with your writing because it is enjoyable to read...I adore it.

I can't wait for more of anything from you!

2/10/2009 c3 TheEntertainer26
Oh my...that was an amazing development...a good story is unpredictable with twists, turns and a great storyline, and you have surpassed these standards hugely! I also love the little glimmers of humour you blend in with the serious storyling...I feel like I am getting to know your personality through your writing style.

If you handed this in at school, your GPA would be 6.0 - incredibly whimsical writing here...

2/10/2009 c2 TheEntertainer26
Chilling...I love a good murder story! I really wasn't expecting Melissa to come out and say what had happened to Alice and her boyfriend..*shivers* it was fantastically unpredictable...

I must comment on the dialog so far - it is so refreshingly great - not many people have enough literacy talent to be able to write engaging dialogs...

I will continue now!

2/10/2009 c1 TheEntertainer26
I am overjoyed that you have posted this, because it is unlike any other romance fiction I have read in the way that I agree with everything you write about...every feeling...a brilliant piece of fiction such as this is as rare as a pure droplet of unspoilt water, and twice as beautiful. Your description whilst Trinity was "tripping on air" was exhilerating - I honestly felt like I was where she was...

I will read the rest imminently!


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