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6/23/2009 c8 SNOWBITCH2
O CHILD ! i loved it so much its so great im a vampire lover but i just love these wolf's they sound hot o n i love devlin he sounds responsible n kind n pertective i love him n i love this story i need to find out wats comin up i love her dad 'dont try ne thing funny ' hehe like the kind pertective hot wolf man would do nething wrong i love this i g2g so pleaz update soon i love this story so pleaz n thnk u n ttyl k? good luck n good health. ;) -VAMPIRE ROMANCE OBSESSER
6/22/2009 c8 MarloCarlo10
Great chapter!

Aww Devlin is so cute!

Hahaha I can't believe she fainted ;)
5/18/2009 c7 SNOWBITCH2
LOVED IT I LOVE IT SO MUCH i love it because its werwolfs n shit n he likes her n its secret i love it alot can u pleaz keep up the updates for me i love it im hooked u did great i loved it alot i would like to point out i do tend to spell bad id like to put that out there now lol! a head of time so yah id like to read more real soon so pleaz u.d. soon thnx keep up the great work V.C.
5/16/2009 c7 MarloCarlo10
Great chapter!
4/23/2009 c6 5Purple.Chalk.Rainbow
Hii I am new too this whole reviewing thing- so if I make a mistake or something, sorry =)

I really like this story and it would be amazing if you continued it =D- I also really like the wway you write, there is just the right detail and timeing- If that makes sence =P

This is kind of off topip, but I was wondering if you new how to put up a story on this website. Well I know you do, but I have been trying and trying to figure out how to put up story's but I haven't figured out how yet...Once again, sorry =)...!
4/22/2009 c6 7gulistala
Interesting. Very interesting. =D
4/21/2009 c6 MarloCarlo10
O man poor Matt...kinda ;)

Good chapter!
3/29/2009 c5 CoryD
OK - Does she have her own place (and have to work to keep it) or does she live with her rich parents?
3/29/2009 c4 CoryD
Jeans and a t-shirt or a business suit - which one was Devlin wearing?
3/29/2009 c5 MarloCarlo10
Greaat chapter!
3/28/2009 c5 ishani acuinatum.ashley
nice one...but you should work a bit on the dialogues...in the part where haley and maggie were conversing it ws confusing...and i ws like who's saying what...

but basiccaly it ws good...i enjoyed this chapter...do update soon.

3/28/2009 c5 4bela13
i like it so far
3/20/2009 c4 7gulistala
I like Devlin's pov, too!

Okay, I really really want to know what Oliver's part is in all of this. He's a supernatural being, but what?

Can't wait till next chappie!
3/19/2009 c4 MarloCarlo10
I like his POV! You should definitly have some more of his and at the same time we can learn about his pack too!

Ah everyone needs a good filler every once and a while =]
3/7/2009 c3 2A Shade Of Gray
another great chapter, i realy like Devlin he seems like a nice guy/werewolf and i cant wait to get to know Haley better. cant wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work :)
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