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2/26/2017 c14 4ImmanenceEnsured
Re-reading that final family chapter made me realize how funny this story is, in all the right ways. Thanks for this!
5/8/2015 c13 5Ishotthealbatross
This story was just perfect.
11/6/2014 c13 InsanityAndBeyond
I adore this story.
Your sensory writing when describing types of food etc, and linking it to the characters is extraordinary. And Marek, gaah what a gorgeous character. I love the fact he's so sweet and yet there's a little bit of repulsion thrown in and the contrast in characters is wonderful.
Loved loved the story, I think I've read it far too many times.
The last chapter I'll admit threw me a bit, unless I'm missing something these random kids came out of nowhere, tbh it didn't feel organic with the rest of the story. However it certainly adds an interesting element to it all!
The answers probably no, but have you considered doing a series of random one-shots for this story and their lives lives moving forward? I'm pretty sure you'll have lots of interested readers.

I'll round off by saying thank you fora great little story :)
9/22/2014 c14 4OnceUponAFeudalFairytale
If you don't mind me asking, what do you mean by giving away a copy? I checked out the blog but there are still prices listed.
7/1/2014 c13 Greenpanda0u0
haha this was really just too cute. i want a boyfriend like marek now!
5/8/2014 c13 semantics
Awesome story! The culinary theme tied into the story nicely and I enjoyed it very much :-) my heart broke a little somewhere around chapter 9 or 8 when Jackson realized that Marek didn't look at him "that way" anymore... Nicely, it ended well!
1/19/2014 c13 5Blueyes57
seems fine to me just the way you wrote it hun. I've done read it 3 times now over time. I enjoy it every time.
1/18/2014 c13 Vlurry19
As someone who really had accepted chapter 12 as the ending of this gorgeous story, chapter 13 was a fantastic surprise. It is a great chapter, blending in perfectly with all the great memories from the previous ones. I loved it. Thank you for writing it.
1/18/2014 c13 Guest
Wonderful! This was perfect to read.
1/11/2014 c13 Guest
: )
1/11/2014 c13 4ImmanenceEnsured
It was fun, but there wasn't a single instance of intimacy (relational, not sexual) between Marek and Jackson. I missed that a lot, since that's what makes the actual story so interesting and fun and exciting. These two characters are always concentrating on each other. This was just a 'meet the parents' situation, and to be honest, Jackson's parents and grandmother are out of their mind. Cantonese and family-oriented or not, I would NOT be happy if someone thought my life was to be tampered with at their convenience. That said, I was very happy to be able to read more, so thank you.
1/10/2014 c13 chibikodo
Haha I love how Jackson's family has everything planned out for him and Marek and there's no objections (or few objections) from Jackson. The way Marek charms Jacokson's grandmother just by being humself... Jackson's parents are just gret too. Haha 3
8/29/2013 c7 Preposterous
I love your writing style and how you intertwine food into the plot of the story. The characters are interesting. I'm really enjoying the story.
2/9/2013 c12 Tinyyellowboxes
A very beautiful short story. It made my heart wrench and then gently soothed it back to it's working condition, in a little over an hour. That's some good writing. Thank you for the beautiful little glimpse into Jackson and Marek's lives.
2/4/2013 c12 1angielala32
This was really sweet! I loved all the food references and how they tie in with the story, really clever :D
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