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for Sacrifice

4/13/2010 c1 ffffffffffffffffffffffff

You have an incredible way with words. You manage to maintain your meter while still rhyming and making a point. Personally I always have trouble with getting all three in one poem, and I'm usually lucky if I can get two of them in at once. In short: you've got the gift.
9/8/2009 c1 2Zoe Marhassa
I gasped a little at the last words. Maybe I should have seen the last line coming, but I didn't! Which made the end all the more spectacular for me.
7/13/2009 c1 9Narq
This is a very good poem. I'm impressed by the strong verbs you chose and the emotive description. They all worked towards the bittersweet feeling of the narrative voice.

You take control in this poem, which is good but very seldom seen in modern poetry.

Wonderful work!

3/23/2009 c1 30Preston2099


Packed alot of emotion in only a few stanzas, impressive!

It also rhymed pretty well while still keeping its sad, bittersweet message we get from the narrator, well done =)

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