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for Long Lost Friends To Lovers

12/18/2009 c1 elohel
your story is good

writer block sucks but hurry up and update :)

11/28/2009 c1 5buffyangelgirl
this is a really great story that i love and like a lot since i first started reading it its really really good your a very great author who wrote this very great and wonderful story.
6/27/2009 c3 Tulessa Kalhoty
This story is intriguing, I cannot wait to see more! :D
5/9/2009 c9 1Atreyu Legend
Wow there are a lot of music references in this story, I mean the love songs had to heave meant something and not be meaningless. Like when you put "Far Away" on here I thought oh it probably has something to do with Aiden and Shells, at least I hoped it did. But I was happy to see that it did though, when you said,

"The only song I had in the car. I never could explain why I listened to this song. The lyrics had always gotten to me and yet there was always someone I had always felt hurt by and had wanted to say something but I never got the chance to."

It obviously shows a deeper emotion behind the song, than just that you liked it and threw it in it made the story even more interesting to read. Now I wanna know how the song affected her so much. Wow I babble way too much,

so anyway update soon, I wanna see what Aiden sees through his own eyes.
5/6/2009 c8 Atreyu Legend
No problem with the whole school thing haha. I just felt bad because you were reviewing my story and I couldn't review yours. Anyway this one's a bit short, but you were busy so it doesn't matter. Kinda sucks for Shelly being in the hospital and all, hopefully things start to look up between the characters. Hmm I wonder what caused them to have to bring her into the Hospital in the first place. Well can't wait fo r the next chapter.
4/30/2009 c7 Atreyu Legend
Ha nice cliffhanger leaves me wondering if she's okay. Well hopefully she is or there would be no story haha. But I liked this chapter, Aiden is like glued together with Shells no matter what. There was one sentence that stuck out,

"He looked utterly bored to death doing that over and over again so me being the nice person I am decided to join him."

She kinda got confident here, I don't know just found it funny because the character didn't seem like that. It's not a bad thing, the sarcasm was just funny.
4/29/2009 c6 Atreyu Legend
man maybe I'm wrong but those song lyrics are pretty much saying whats going to happen between Aiden and Shells. I dont know if you did that on purpose or what but it works with the story. Its funny that Aiden keeps getting denied though, why does he keep trying? Most guys would quit after the first time but i guess he's a persistent one. By the way thanks for the review i plan to update again tonight.
4/28/2009 c5 Atreyu Legend
I really enjoyed chapters four and five, Adam and Kyle are funny guys. I like how you introduced them into the story too, they seem like the comic relief for what was to come between Shells and Aiden. Although in chapter four I found it hard to believe that any girl would take off all of her clothes and not even notice. Still funny though, the fact that it would never happen in real life makes it even more entertaining to read. Hopefully things start looking up between Aiden and Shells.
4/26/2009 c7 Anonymous
Evil cliffhangers. You have to update soon after ending a chapter like that.

4/26/2009 c7 BrightFullMoon
uh-oh. hope she's okay. that kinda sucks. great chapter and update soon! :)
4/25/2009 c3 Atreyu Legend
This story is cool so far, I noticed every character had a different personality adding to the life like situations they're placed in. The two girls also had nicknames, "Kels" and "Shells" is that their thing or something? Also i found it funny that these kids also had really cool cars. I searched them up and most high school kids don't have those types of cars. Then again most high school students don't have motorcycles like my story.
4/18/2009 c6 4BrightFullMoon
great chapter. update soon! :)
3/4/2009 c4 1margo lily
update soon!
3/4/2009 c3 margo lily
keep up the amazing work.
3/4/2009 c2 margo lily
the chapters are really short, but you are very descriptive. (:
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