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for The Story You Shouldn't Know

1/11/2011 c32 Angel.xX
This story was amazing. I finished it in 2 days. Many times, I almost cried. The end was touching, and I felt as if this story should never end.

It was absolutely brilliant.
1/9/2011 c32 ACKLAX3
I absolutely loved this. I'm guessing this is the story of Anna's parents? It was great learning about their past!
1/8/2011 c32 7CelestialMacabre
Beautiful. Just simply beautiful. Amazingly well written - this entire story is.

Even though this is not technically part of the story, this is my favorite "chapter." I love how there are no names mentioned except for Gabe, yet everyone knows what and who the story is about. This is the story of Anna's parents, isn't it? And Gabe a shortening of the name Gabriel, the name of an angel.

"I can see people's souls," he confided in her. "And yours is beautiful."

My favorite lines. I wish I could have someone say that to me. :D
1/7/2011 c32 Guest
WTF ...

you want me to kill you...

its so god...

so sad it ended ... cant you get it published ... please ? pretty please
1/7/2011 c32 redambrosia
1/4/2011 c32 KR
hey that was epic but sad

and I hate you cos you write awesome stuff (but of course I hate you in a nice way)

but seriously that was awesome
1/4/2011 c32 dezeemarie
this is the story of anna's parents isn't it?
1/3/2011 c31 3Quixoticisms
Wonderful, beautiful story!

I almost wished that the Anna/Josh angst could've lasted longer, haha. Nonetheless, I'm generally happy about the (kindof) happy ending, albeit a tiny bit disgruntled about the disappearing thing at the end.

Kudos to you for finishing a full-length story(Could never do that myself, heh) and I'm really looking forward to An Egyptian Tale :)
1/2/2011 c1 giraffeeee
Wow... I just read this all today. It was absolutely AMAZING. I've never read anything like this and I'm just... SPEECHLESS!

TRULY AMAZING STORY. One of my ALLTIME favorites! Thanks so much for writing it. (:
1/2/2011 c32 8pattEcake
THIS IS SO, SO, SO BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I wish to hold it in my arms and hug it.
1/2/2011 c31 2Poe in a Bottle
Wow! Like, this has to be the best story I have ever read on FP. Last night I stayed up until four in the morning reading this story-that's how good it is. I can't say how amazed I am at your writing skills and the story in itself was sweet but sour at the same time. Oh my god. Amazing. I idolize you. *bows down like the humble imp I am*
1/2/2011 c32 Warrior-Princess06
'aww..sad and intense but great one-shot.! :)) i love their Universe..haha.! :)) Anyways, Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..have a great 2011.! :))
1/1/2011 c32 13MayaD
love this universe :)
1/1/2011 c8 4Thalia Bryne
Do you honestly believe that? The Bible isn't true?
1/1/2011 c32 A Dying Species
...I started reading this story when you 1st started posting it on Fictionopress. At one point i had stopped reading for way too long because i was aggravated (probably because this story was TOO awesome). So i started all over again today... and i must say that you are scary. I am so scared right now after reading The Story You Shouldn't Know, because it. is . pure. GENUIS!I can't even begin to describe how this story has shaken me. How do you come up with this stuff? I really would love to have your imagination and insight. It's like you thought of everything. At 1st when starting this unusual but amazing story i had no idea it would be so... GROUNDBREAKING! And i full heartedly know that this story has everything it needs to be a succesfull published book. I have chills right now. The Story You Shouldn't Know is as gratifying and humiliating as Life as We Knew It(1st Book in the Life as We Knew It series) or Elsewhere (the cover is a snowglobe) so please take it as a compiment when i compare your story and their's without slandering it. This story and the ones i just mentioned (Which you should read if you haven't before) make an ordinary human feel ashamed and... well... pathetic. Human nature... Ugghh! And- ok i better stop before i start to rant on and on about human nature. Just focous on what i had orginally meant to write: I am proud that you are a human as i am. (I hope i'm not presuming anything, but i wouldn't be surprised if you weren't human, you'r just way too Amazing!) Anyway sorry i hadn't meant to write a minny book. But it's filled with great material i believe. So THANK YOU for creating such a great story! You've done GREAT!
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