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3/3/2009 c2 9wolfen princess
Okay, here are my three comments:

1) I love the story, though I do think it's a little fast, but that's pretty minor.

2) i actually thought Josh was Satan or some half demon, nice little twist there.

3) I want to say a female Jesus person or angel, juging by what Josh is, but honsetly, no idea...

This is a great story, and I will definetly keep writing.

~Wolfen Princess
3/3/2009 c2 17Unique1952
This story promises to be very, very interesting.

As for your questions:

-Better: Yes!

-Comments: You illustrate a story very well.

-So far: I really like the story

-Heritage: Yeah, I kinda saw it coming. I suspected it with the chapter title,the 'greater evil' comment, and the sly 'hell' references - a nice addition I must say.

-Anna is: I'm stil on the fence about Anna. I want to say that she's an angel because of some of the things you've said about dropped from the sky, how perfect she is, her power, and her want for good...but I guess I'll just have to jeep reading to find out!

Well, again, nice work with this. I'm in school reading this so thank you for writing such an interesting stry, I'll probably be thing about this the better half of the day. I think I have time fore one more chapter before my free period is up. Again, nice work with this!
3/3/2009 c5 C. M. Levy
Bahahaha, Satan is a control freak. Their niceness seemed a bit too easy, though. I mean, romance is good and it makes me giddy and all, but still, you need to watch out for it. I do it all the time :( I am awful at making love interests hate each other haha.

Anyway, liking this, adding it to my favs.

Keep writing!
3/3/2009 c4 C. M. Levy
:O Whoa.
3/3/2009 c2 C. M. Levy
Haha the hints were good, pretty easy give away I think after what you wrote about the dogs howling.

I want a wolf :(
3/3/2009 c1 Unique1952
I find this story brilliant thus far! Although we haven't really recieved much for the plot, I look forward to reading more of this and seeing what's going on with the School for the Unusually Gifted. I like the aspect of their powers and I could really see the scene play out as I read this piece. Again nice work with this. I doubt that I'll be able to read all five of the chapters that you've posted in one setting, but I definetly look forward to reading more. Nice work.
3/3/2009 c1 C. M. Levy
Hah! Fun start, that poor girl. Must have been intimidating.

Great first chapter! And I will take your word about the romance thing. God knows, I'm in the need of a good romance story :P
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