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for For the Love of Shakespeare

12/30/2010 c1 28Robin Leigh
Pretty cool. I like it. Rachel is nice; there should be more people like her. Haha :))
7/5/2010 c1 12lianoid
I found the first sentence to be a little long for my taste. I was just somewhat startled because it was the first line and it was so long. I unfortunately don’t have any suggestions for improvement; I just wanted to throw it out there. =P

I really like the tone of this piece. There are a lot of dry remarks and sarcasm that I find highly amusing. Mixed with her “innocence” and ramblings, I thought Rachel was a very interesting character.

I adore the “Commence stage one” part, followed by her voice “dripping with sincerity.” I thought that part was particularly amusing and well written.

For the only reason it she wrote it was to please Mrs. Joanne, of course.

-Edit?: Remove the first “it”.

He thought through what little information he had retained from Rachel's speech, "About that, uh, Globe Theatre, right? Weren't there, um, two?"

-LMFAO! Too good. Oh man, this is hilarious.

The image of the students cracking their backs like bears do when waking from hibernation was another brilliant line. This piece is so entertaining.
7/4/2010 c1 23AvidWriter-92
hey, Sercus. :)

I thought that this story was really amusing to read. :) I felt I could relate to Rachel, since I've tried stalling for a friend before, but it didnt work out as planned. Haha. :P

I liked the fear that Rachel had when she realized she had 10 more minutes left, and had to think of something quick. :P

I thought your take on the prompt was pretty straightforward this time, but it was still creative and well written.

Good job! :)

~Avid Roadhouse 3/9.
2/5/2010 c1 23Glass Queen
haha, nice. cute resolution.
12/13/2009 c1 4lookingwest
How fun! A freakin' long speech too-that would have scared me to death. I had to give a speech on Virginia Woolf just two weeks ago-I talked for 20 minutes, I was shaking in my shoes the whole time! I love the confidence she has, and I hope that she got an A! This time, your use of the prompt was very straight-forward and expected. Even if it was really obvious, I still think that if you said you hadn't written in a long time and just started again, this was a great piece where I could see your thoughts stretching out and your use of the narrative expand. I didn't see any grammar mistakes but by now I'm sure you've figure out that I really don't care about them, so I always miss them-I'm always way more interested in the story-and this one really captured that interest the entire way through!
7/2/2009 c1 5Said Author
This was a really interesting work for the prompt you were given, I was thinking it was a Shakespeare-ish quote/line but then as I finished reading, I understood what you were going for. XD Anyway, I liked this, you paid a lot of attention to detail! I sort of didn't get what was happening at the beginning, I got that everyone was bored but I didn't know Rachel was giving a speech and stuff... probably because my brain isn't working right. I liked how towards the end, it seemed like Alex took a hint and started getting into Rachel's.. "plan", of sorts.

For the only reason it she wrote it was to

^This is the only error I noticed, I think you need to get rid of the first 'it'. Other than that, this was flawless.

Keep it up, you should do the July WCC. :P
5/26/2009 c1 612simpleplan13
"Edgar Allen Poe"... Allan

"anything at all that could keep her mind off of the presenter and project being presented at the moment. "... I didn't like presenter and presented so close together.

Ok the only thing I didn't like was your describing the rows and colomns and who was closest to the door. The part about the teacher's desk made sense, but the rest just seemed unnecessary and it confused me because from what you said I couldn't quite get a clear picture of the layout.

I do like this piece. The beginning is well described and the reader can relate to boringness of class and then you set the reader up to know something is going to happen, making them want to read on. The whole idea is really great.
5/15/2009 c1 36Kate Marshall
Hello Sir! This is a prize review by a Review Squader for the April Review Marathon.

I think your descriptions are really clever. In the beginning, they are very vivid, not bland at all. And then you finish the paragraph with "And, in the front of the room, a single student was giving a speech about Edgar Allen Poe". I enjoyed how you used both physical descriptions and witty imagery to make a complete picture. That way it wasn't just a paragraph telling what the room looked like -the paragraph that, when in a hurry, everyone just skips. :)

And then I think your character Rachel is absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic. Who would do what she did? No one particularly cares that much about other people, at least at their expense anyway. /But/ that's what makes this story so fun. Exaggerated characters are what emphasize silly things people do and they're fun to relate to. Plus, an entirely realistic person for this wouldn't have made much of a story, would it? So I liked your person. She was entertaining, and interesting to read as well.

The ending was a little quick, though. I would've liked another line or two about what Rachel did afterwards.

Very good job :D I remember I liked this when I first read it in the WCC.

4/19/2009 c1 Left FP
This review is brought to you by the April Fool's Game from the Review Game Forum. You get this because you correctly guessed my lie. Sorry it took so long to review. Here you go:

-Opening: I liked the way you started this one-shot. Introducing the setting before you introduce the actual characters. The descriptions were vivid and helped to form concrete pictures.

-Ending: It was hilarious. Rachael pretending to be so sweet to her teacher by handing her the paper. It made me laugh real hard just to imagine the teacher's expression.

-Scene: The scene which particularly stood out in the entire story for me is when Alex interrupts the teacher by asking if there where two Globe Theaters or not. It was pretty funny.

-Dialog: There wasn't much dialog to comment on. However the little snippets of conversation between the teachers and the students made it sound very real. It didn't seem unnatural.

-Characters: You really don't get much of a chance to flesh out the characters in one-shots. But from the initial bio, Rachael seems like the cheeky prankster of the class and extremely helpful towards her classmates.

-Relationships: What I noticed was the usual student teacher conflict. Well, I just glad Rachael won in the end.

-Writing: This story was told in a simple manner. A beautiful class sketch painted with words.

-Spelling/Grammar: Nothing to comment on

-Enjoyment: It certainly made my afternoon. It was a really good entertainment.

-Plot: This is a new plot certainly. I haven't read anything quite like this before.

On the whole, I enjoyed reading this piece very much. Keep up the good work.

~ Bender.
4/13/2009 c1 13RawrEllieMayMightBeADinosaur
I really enjoyed this. Everything was great except for a couple typos, nothing too serious; & I felt that time moved more quickly than I thought it should.

Also, the Alex that sat behind her wasn't the same Alex as the one that presented? From reading the other reviews, I noticed that other people had commented on this as well. It confused me a tad, but other than those points, it was a very well-written story.
4/13/2009 c1 Fractured Illusion
I think it works to your disadvantage to have two Alex in the class, one that had presented and one that didn't. I suggest giving one another name, because it's confusing.

"For the only reason it she"

The "it" is confusing. I don't think it belongs there.

Also I think you overused adverbs throughout the story. More often than not, they are telling words, and in fiction it is showing that should be stressed the most.

I liked the overall story though. It was nice how Rachel sacrificed her own grade (I think) for Alex's sake and maybe others in the class, though they were oblivious about it.

Those last ten minutes went by in a few seconds though. I didn't get that.

Anyways, nice piece! :) Keep writing, you lazy bum!

3/10/2009 c1 13Nicki BluIs
Ah stalling the teacher by asking questions; good times good times. I have to ask though: were there two kids named Alex? Cuz one of them presented in the beginning.

Good luck with WCC!


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