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6/14/2009 c5 4Mysterious Missy
rockin' story

Couldn't have been better

Ah, i hate tom with a passion. Yes, you could've made the story longer, but then again it had an excellent wrap up. When her heart stopped I was afraid for Jason, but thank God for doctors. Right, I know. Like I said in a previous review, you rock sox at all of your first stories.


~Mysterious Missy
4/14/2009 c3 love2read2
Really good story I enjoyed it.
3/9/2009 c5 4BlueDolphinz
this is a good story, nice plotline. except we don't find out a lot of things- what was up with jason's parents, and why didn't tom like lisa? i mean, doesn't stealing away his best friend seem a little intense for a shooting? but other than that, great story, you definitely have potential for writing amazingly.
3/7/2009 c2 cosmopolitan
PLEASE space between paragraphs, i can't concentrate when reading this, it's practically impossible to read which is a shame since i genuinely like the concept of the piece and what little i CAN read

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