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1/28/2010 c7 dragonfly-009
Welcome back! Jake's so nice, I'm glad he went to see her.

...I hope someone doesn't get a hold of those shorts she throws away, and make her life even more miserable...
1/28/2010 c7 Gaabbysss
Welcome back! OMG is so nice to read again your history, I love drama llama, and I love jake xD good luck with all things for "hide and seek" I love that history, I want the book! take care! see you!
1/27/2010 c7 RosesBelikov
Aww! This one's so cute! ;D Is he really just being sweet to piss Rachel off, or does he actually she something in my dear Franny? O_o
1/27/2010 c7 RoseBelikov18
Aw! Jake is so sweet! And I hope everything gets better with Fran! That poor girl...

1/25/2010 c6 Written From The Heart
love it!
1/4/2010 c6 7sunnydayz
I remembered reading this a while back and now I've read it over and I absolutely love it! Again!

Francine is hilarious!

Please continue, really looking forward to it :)
11/30/2009 c6 RoseBelikov18
Aw! I feel so bad for Fran! The poor thing... :( *sighs* Again, sorry it took so long for me to read and review...

But I loved this chapter and I cant wait for moar!

10/30/2009 c6 Gaabbysss
OMG! thanks! I love your fics! kisses!
10/30/2009 c6 RosesBelikov
I LOVE IT! It's so cute. ;) I want to read more though... :-/ But I suppose I also like the anticipation. Can't wait to read more. :p
5/5/2009 c5 gabys
please I wanna more of this history and of Hide and Sheek! please!

Take care and the best in everything!

Gabys (Argentina)
3/29/2009 c5 Kristen
Aw, I feel SO bad. I kinda know how that feels. I mean, I didn't fall on my ass or nothing, but I was walking home from school, and I had a dress on. Well, I put my backpack on, and started walking and talking with my friend. I got about a block away from the school and someone was laughing and pointing at me... :-/ I look down, and low and behold, my dress was up around my waist. I was SOO embarrassed. My friend just started lauhging at me... :( I didn't really get picked on though, so that was a plus. ;p
3/29/2009 c5 1Vr1650
3/26/2009 c5 Cynthia
Oh. My. God.

I don't know if laughing (wich is horrible but I can't evoid) or feel sorry for her. I think both would be good.

On the other hand, I think Jake has a crush on her... I mean now that he knows that she exist and she's blonde XD
3/26/2009 c5 dragonfly-009
I like the way this is turning out. Keep it up! (Yeah, sorry, no in-depth critical review like what we're meant to give...)
3/25/2009 c5 RoseBelikov18
I feel SO bad for Fran! OMG I would die if that happened to me!

But great chapter! I loved it!

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