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4/17/2009 c7 gallowsCalibrator
It's over... Well not really but still the ending of this one. I loved the story! Can't wait for the sequel!

4/17/2009 c6 16ValerieYoung
awesome chappie! i reli like. hope u update soon!
4/17/2009 c6 darkgurl92
OMG...why did that have to happen

can't daiko just forgive them I mean she had shinkus

babies...I hope she doesn't die also the babies.

I'm glad there's going to be another sequel
4/16/2009 c5 ValerieYoung
nice chapter. i juss luv shinku he my fav XD. i found it cute tat he was having trouble asking her 2 marry him haha
4/16/2009 c5 darkgurl92
two days..what is he going to do...oh no...update soon.
4/15/2009 c4 ValerieYoung
awesome story. i reli like it. update soon!

~good luck writing
4/15/2009 c4 darkgurl92
oh no...trouble erupts...they shuld stay

together..update soon
4/15/2009 c4 mariRocks
Interesting turn of events...awesome chapter!
4/14/2009 c3 alyssaXD
dude katherine you need to update

4/14/2009 c3 gallowsCalibrator
Awesome story so far! Can't wait for you to update!

3/12/2009 c2 mariRocks
It's ok, it is still a great chapter, keep'em coming!
3/11/2009 c2 LoneWolf-234
o.o *glomps story* lol :P I love this story, cant wait for more!
3/10/2009 c2 Nakigoe Ketsurui

Kinky. So. Very. KINKY.

I need MOAR
3/9/2009 c2 1Oo BLEEDING HEART oO
omg! this is such a good story! i cant wait to read more so please update soon!

3/9/2009 c1 mariRocks
Nice start, what happens next?

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