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for The Step brother

8/14/2013 c2 Guest
Are you going to keep going?
7/17/2013 c1 nadddnad
Hey. Please continue the story. I love your stories very much. Hope you continue this and the other story amd write new ones. Looking forward to it
8/24/2012 c2 AnonymousReads
Where have you been? Update soon. :)
5/11/2010 c2 Dance Your Heart Out
I love it so far .

Update soon please ? :)
9/5/2009 c2 6calasin
this is just awesome! please please write more, soon! =)
7/29/2009 c2 4Sweet-Cakesz24
hehe i like this story.. it will be interesting to read moree! update soon please!=]
5/25/2009 c2 35SeaJade Song
omg total cliffie! not fair i really like it u cant stop!
5/25/2009 c1 SeaJade Song
awsome beyond all belief! :)
3/24/2009 c2 62Averybarbarian
Quite an interesting chapter. Here she comes to except some of her "new" family. Your diolog flows really well which helps in a good story. You could possiably work on your discription, in terms of adding a little bit more, but for now it works. Well done. I truly enjoyed it =)
3/19/2009 c2 1MidnightRayne92
i really like this story.i would like you to continue it.i just started writing my own story and am kinda new to this.your story is actually my first to review and i have to say i really like it and would love to see where it goes.
3/17/2009 c2 JZK
this is really interesting
3/16/2009 c2 5starbance
I love this story so far and cannot wait for you to continue!
3/16/2009 c1 1Angel-Leigh Jones

great chapter, keep going don't stop. Things looks like they are going to get interesting. :)

I hope you don't mind but i found a error i thought i would point it out to you.

"Trevor, you can take the kids in your car and I'll but her bags in the bed of my truck and ride home with you mother." Trevor nodded and I rolled my bag to Bill's truck where he grabbed the bag from me and tossed it into the bed. - in this sentence at the bottom of the chapter you have... and ride home with you mother when it should be ride home with your mother.

Hope that helps.

3/15/2009 c2 3enchanting eclipse
Cute idea, naming the twins Ben and Jerry. I really like this story so far, update soon!

~enchanting eclipse~
3/15/2009 c2 20xxTunstall Chickxx
Haha, they should have warned, god! -smiles- ooh, I love it. UPDATE SOON! Watch your spelling, but other than that? Very nice.

Keep Writing,

xxTunstall Chickxx
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