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12/18/2010 c1 Warrior-Princess06
'Awesome! I LOVE IT.! :D
9/20/2010 c1 Taurus05

Ah, sorry this review can't be long, but i have time to read another of your one-shots and I really wanna read!

You are a great writer, with great stories! Did that sound cheesy? :P

I don't think I will have peace until i read all of your stories!Lol!
7/7/2010 c1 1Midnight113
Very cute, I loved it!
7/2/2010 c1 7TaylorForrealz
Aw! This was so cute! Loved it! Vincent and Reena are hilarious together! [:
6/21/2010 c1 Bubbly Girl
Good job! :)

☮♥ ☺

~Bubbly Girl
4/26/2010 c1 3Floppy125
aw! it was so sweet! I loved this story :)
3/11/2010 c1 Artume
Bus series? Gotta go check that out...

This was wonderful, hehe! I loved it! Especially Vince's uncertainty. :)
3/5/2010 c1 6ithinkyourgay
cute story
1/28/2010 c1 sarcasm is my middle name
Mm... cookies n cream ice cream... great short story!
1/25/2010 c1 ShootingStarsAren'tMagical
aw! yeah, that's all i can say, aw!
1/24/2010 c1 3starlit x sky
Oh I LOVED this!

It was so sweet, and a really good idea too :)
1/11/2010 c1 Light Hearted
short, simple sweer and ohh so romantic, loved it yet another one of my favorite reads ever written by you, P.S. please update Celestia of the Thorns!
1/1/2010 c1 4quotata
hmm.. i need to catch up on the rest of the bus series. but i liked this. it made my left hand hurt (trust me, thats a good indicator of how sweet i think the story is)
10/27/2009 c1 3Chocolate is Yummy
aww. tat was cute and entertaining. awesome writing.^.^
10/24/2009 c1 5RoseBriar32192
AW! That story was adorable! I LOVED IT! I can't wait to read more from you! - RoseBriar

(P.S. I only sign with RoseBriar on AWSOME stories!)
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