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10/24/2015 c12 Guest
It almost pains me to accept that this story will stay unfinished, but I cannot help singing it's praises regardless. I absolutely adore how alive your characters are, and their consistency. I feel for Ashen, I really do. But the chemistry between the characters is really written out beautifully. I would love seeing this completed, and I'm sure many others would as well.
6/23/2014 c12 crazydaisyyy
hey hey please update soon! I wanna see where this story goes :-)
3/4/2014 c12 2toshica
I am so utterly enthralled by this story and your gorgeous writing style, that it has kept me awake until nearly two in the morning. There's so much that I could say about what I like about it. There are only a few little critisms. Tiny. The first chapter was kinda hazy for me, mish-mashy but edgy. I'm pretty sure that I'm used to your style of writing now, soo.. And in one chapter Pinot refers to herself instead of Arizona, I think. I mean, I'm not too sure because I'm really tired.
Ps. I love your taste for interesting names. But ones that you can actually say. I like the names Tuesday and Malachi; apparently that's weird. Pinot: Pin -nyoh? That's how I've been pronouncing it in my head.
10/16/2013 c1 Sera Lee. S. X
You have a beautiful way with words. :) Makes me so happy to read this story. hahaha. hope you'll update soon. 3

7/12/2012 c12 gdhtbhd
I just found this. And I LURVEE it (:

I love your writing style.


So, erm, yeah!

xoxo, xx-Don't-Let-Me-In-xx
8/11/2010 c12 LollipopsAreScrumptiousIndeed


*tears slide down my face, each one falling faster than the last, in a melancholy combination of salt and water, leaving criss-crossed tracks as I shake my head from side to side, using the international signal for "NO!"*

By the way, you're a great writer! :D
8/1/2010 c6 underthesunlight
Oh man! I didn't expect Brecken to be gay at all!
7/16/2010 c12 2Abrasive
I'm adoring this story. Your writing is eloquent and accessible. But more importantly, the characters are all so clear, so well described; each one is their own person, which is wonderful. Too often people neglect their background characters, allowing them to become dull and fade into one stock character, but you don't.

Particular props for Pinot. Initially I was a bit annoyed by her character - her ditziness, her low self-esteem, and her tendency to hesitate. However, these very qualities are what now endear her to me, what makes me smile about her. I used to think her stream-of-consciousness rambling was irritating, but now I find it just enhances her person.

Anyway, regardless of whether you update again (fingers crossed!), you've done a brilliant job so far.
6/23/2010 c9 4Cassadaga
I subscribed and reviewed a while ago, but didn't get a chance to read the whole thing, so that's what I'm doing now.

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE everything about this. It's written very casually and teenager-y, but it's still flawless and beautiful.

I just have one question: what does Pinot look like? I don't know if I've already read her description and I've forgotten, or if it hasn't been described. I just don't know how to visualize her.

I love it though!

(And my last review I said that there were maybe too many "weird/different" names, but ignore that because I've decided that I love all of their names)
6/8/2010 c12 alitalia
hey just wanted to let you know this is one of my favorite stories up right now. i can't wait till you next update! i look forward to seeing characters developed more and more, because everyone is really interesting. :)
6/6/2010 c12 x-porcelain-x
Okay, I haven't reviewed you yet I don't know why but, hey, I'm doing it now so don't judge me, better late than never eh?

It took me a while, to get into this story, for some reason I wasn't really warming to Pinot as a main character, and the gaps between updates meant that I kept forgetting what was going on :/.

But I've just returned to FP after an extended vacation and yours was one of the first stories I reread and I loved it :). Pinot really started to grow on me through the later chapters and the building chemistry between North and her just makes me 'naw' ^_^

Soo please hurry up with the updates, make me love the story more ;)


(sorry I didn't use your copy and paste template for reviews, no offence intended, t'was very good :P )
4/26/2010 c12 1theawkwardmoment
I like this a lot! Yay! Write more! Yay!
4/26/2010 c1 4Cassadaga
I really love this :) The writing is perfect and I can totally sense the character (if that makes any sense..?) Anyway, yeah, its nice. It's like I can feel what it's like to be with them.

One thing, though, is that the names are all so weird. Don't get me wrong, I like unique names, but there's something about a story where every character has a 'different' name. I feel like there should be a couple 'average' names thrown in there somewhere. I dunno.

Otherwise I love it. :D
4/26/2010 c12 7toMORROWacshuly
i love this story! some of the things Pinot says are so funny. i cant wait to see what happens next! great job!
4/26/2010 c12 smile at the sun
great writing. I adore the chemistry North and Pinot had in the first half of the chapter- and him cooking and apologizing for his mom knowing Chase was married, and I loved Pinot not holding it against them, and making North blush and her spontaneity. and I love Faith because she's awesome- I loved the combat boots. please update soon. *hopeful smile*
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