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for The Changelings of Syre

7/21/2009 c11 4Ck90
I love your updates! I can't wait to find out what kind of changeling he is, I like this new entry, and I'm very glad that you are almost done with summer school! It is horrid, I took a class to get ahead and even though I was glad to do something it was kind of taxing. Anyway best of luck with your writing and school, can't wait to hear more!
7/21/2009 c11 2crecentmoon89
So, whens the next chapter coming out?
7/21/2009 c11 HalfKimchiHalfCarne
LOL! I love the small addition you made to the bottom (click!) XD The story's so interesting :D I'm already dying to learn about Adara's past :)
7/21/2009 c11 CoryD
Love the start of this newest story in the series
7/21/2009 c11 romanceaddict
new story sounds so interesting, hope you update soon
7/21/2009 c11 9Jennyt82
Well as you went to such extents for a review, how could i not leave one. I'm in love already. Reule, now i don't remember hearing of him in the last two stories but i have every confidence that this story will be just as good as the last two. Happy writings and Happy Summer!
7/11/2009 c9 chicagobabe
Awh lovely chapter :D
7/11/2009 c8 chicagobabe
damn u surprrised me again! lol lovn this story. love the humour in it as well :D
7/11/2009 c6 chicagobabe
WOAH babay!

hell yea it was worth it. it was all smooth than BAM she's a hostage. lol. i think im gunna like this one haha.
7/8/2009 c10 2Alkedema
great chapter! im glad that meirion's personallity didnt change hes still cocky but this time he has a girl lol

great job with the lemon scene

i cant wait for more of this story

P.S. i tried to follow you on twitter but i couldnt find you it said no results for VeronicaRiley maybe you could find me my user name is alkedema
7/7/2009 c10 6Rosetiger13
Yayyayaayayayayaya! So good! Can't wait for an update :)

happy writing!

7/7/2009 c10 4Ck90
Poachers? Gisselle is slightly freaky in the creepy sort of take over the world for revenge idea. Anyway I really like these short stories they are just so adorable! I know what you mean lots of stories that I like are being deleted as well due to that problem, and it is plainly annoying that some readers take such liberties. Well anyway Great Chapter i was so happy when you updated! Happy Writings and I can't wait for the next installment.
7/6/2009 c10 9Jennyt82
So who's the next changling i wonder... I loved the chapter as always. You're very good at making it full of suspense and questions that we have to wait to be answered. Update soonm i want to know what's going to happen next.
7/6/2009 c10 16MadameLeQueen
Oh man tell me about it :/ a LOT of great and wonderful authors have removed their stories due to plagiarism. And I'm just as scared): Once I was really tempted to remove everything, but leave the first three chapters D:

Great story :D I LOVE IT XD

If I see anything, I'll contact you ASAP :)
6/29/2009 c5 3unlikely.story
Incredibly addictive. Thanks.
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