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for Sister

11/15/2009 c1 Guest
wow... this is great. reminds me of my sister who died too early :(
10/25/2009 c1 1tonight we bloom
this is beautifully sad... i love how you've wrapped up emotion and description all into one fantastic poem.

i would love opinions from a writer like you on my work, it would mean a lot to me!
9/25/2009 c1 236mezzie
achingly lovely
8/22/2009 c1 173Little girl Big world
This is so sad...but a beautiful poem.
5/22/2009 c1 Just Me
Thank you so much. I needed this at this time. It is beautiful and says everyting there is to say.
3/22/2009 c1 612simpleplan13
I like this piece because it can be taken a few different ways. This could just be personification of salvation or you could be describing a person who is your salvation. The good thing about that is that it could be a boyfriend or family member or anyone.

“Constantly a constant.”… I like the play on words here. That was nice.

Some of the lines were a tad clichéd, but overall it’s a creative little piece. Nicely done.

PS If you’re bored check out the Review Game and/or the Review Marathon (links in my profile).
3/18/2009 c1 18Shenhua Phantom
I really like this. It is very sad, but good.

~Shenhua Phantom

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