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for Summer Cinderella

3/21/2011 c3 1Stuck-Like-Glue
I absolutely love this idea for a story! Then, all the name connections and adorable lovemakes me love it even more. I love your writing too. I really hope that you finish this story because it's growing to be one of my favorites.
2/20/2010 c3 1taywrites
this is really good! i can't wait to read more of it! you should read mine...i'm just getting started and i'd love an opinion!
5/18/2009 c3 14Sapphyre Nymph
this is nice.
5/16/2009 c3 5AnastashaMarie
Oh, I like this. It could definitely go somewhere good... Please continue?
3/18/2009 c3 7jinx89
I'm can now say that I'm really liking this! So keep it up! =D
3/18/2009 c3 ABC123
This seems to be an original twist on the "in love with my best friend cliche" (well at least it's one I haven't read). I like James's P.O.V. Zabrina's funny and witty, and James is so sweet with Ellie & they're both oblivious to each other (obviously, wouldn't make much of a story if they both knew).
3/18/2009 c3 4Katie-Maude
I really like this so far. It's a bit corny using the Disney characters' names for the teachers, but whatever. I can't wait to see where you're taking this.
3/18/2009 c1 7jinx89
Well, this sounds interesting, so far. I'll keep reading =D
3/18/2009 c3 3Has A WaywithWords
Okay, I just saw the story, and I thought it was a really cute idea! The whole idea of the two of them having to play Prince Charming and Cinderella is adorable. The writing is pretty good, but my advice would to stay on one P.O.V. So either stay on Ellie's or James's. Even though this chapter told us that they were in love with each other, from now on, it's just less confusing that way. Another good thing about the story was the fact that there was hardly any grammar or spelling errors, so it didn't burn my eyes to read! I'll be waiting to see what awaits these two lovers! haha.

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