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2/13/2010 c3 35SeaJade Song
great chapter!
1/27/2010 c2 4user254435384
please continue! i love it so far...
1/26/2010 c2 35SeaJade Song
this sounds awsome i cant wait to read what the prince is like :)
1/26/2010 c2 5ShadowInTheWriter
Yay! I am glad you have decided to continue this story! I really like this story. ;D Update soon!

1/25/2010 c1 Serenity Productions
Awesome, I love this!

please update soon!

-Lain :]
1/6/2010 c1 35SeaJade Song
this sounds good
3/25/2009 c1 5ShadowInTheWriter
I love this story. It's very intresting and I would love to read more.

Update soon :)

3/19/2009 c1 Lana Sky
Interesting begining. I'll keep my eye on this.

3/19/2009 c1 Hemii25
oh my. i'm not one for fantasy (unless its ella enchante) this reminds me of ella enchanted so i really like it. the summary is awesome. update soon i really want to know what happens next.
3/19/2009 c1 1Aurelia Rose
An interesting plot. I would like to see you continue this story.. ;D

FYI: double doors were thrown open (you forgot a period)

I would add more detail to lengthen your paragraphs.. there a bit short. Otherwise... the story is quite good.

- Aurelia Rose
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