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for A Twilight Addict's Movie Commentary

6/15/2009 c1 Emily Brooke
I have to say, this Commentary is just gorgeous! =D I think you're really funny and the way you show things in the movie is pure genius. I giggled at the most random things and I actually went to watch the movie again to see all the little tid-bits that you pointed out, including the owl's wings and Edward. Keep it up!

5/7/2009 c1 none
shoudnt this "essay" be on a differnt site!
4/21/2009 c13 3Kadekksys

I imagined something like this: /white_mansion.jpg or the White House set in the middle of a field... oh it made me so angry! and the interior was all wrong, too! GAH! The house was probably my single biggest complaint about the whole thing.

Althought I'd already fallen in love the Emmett from the books, Kellan had me at that line... so great. The knife was also amazing... especially since if he were really trying to be "menacing" he'd just have to give her the right look. haha
4/21/2009 c11 5HollywoodGirlxx

I think this review of the film is great. I agree with most of what you have said, except for the part about Robert Pattinson being fit - I prefered him in Harry Potter, I have to say, and he isn't really my idea of Edward. I also loved the EvilIguana spoof, I got all my Twilight addict friends watching it too :)

Anyway, brilliant review,

Love HollywoodGirlxx

P.S. To hear what Bella says in the garden centre scene, about Jacksonville, put the subtitles on the DVD :)
4/18/2009 c11 Bethica
Yeah; the whole 'reveal' scene was incerdibly awkward. I just wanted it to end. I am also fascinated with the fact that when Robert sparkles, there are Tinkerbell-like sound effects... it's pretty funny. Also, his sparkly-ness looks a little bit like sweat to me; then again, I can't even picture a way to make him look good while sparkling, so it's fine, I guess. I'll definitely check out that spoof, btw.
4/7/2009 c12 3Kadekksys
I totally agree- their entrance at school is amazing. The music, the looking, etc etc. And yes, Ray Bans do look fantastic on Pattinson. LOVE IT! haha The only issue I have with the scene is that ITS SUNNY! WTF? haha Not super sunny or anything, but the moment when they show Bella and Edward walking towards the school with the camera facing them before you see "everyone looking", you can definitely tell that the sun broke through the clouds off in the distance. Whoops. haha

I agree, too. I loved the sepia flashbacks. AND I WAS SO PISSED THAT THEY DIDNT MENTION JASPERS ABILITY. Ugh...

Also, I didn't just love Edward jumping onto the truck, I also loved Bella's reaction line: "Could you try to act human? I do have neighbors you know!" lol. great line

p.s. sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I can sometimes be a bit of a procrastinator :P
4/4/2009 c11 18LeenaAmara
I understand the review concept; HOWEVER 22 chapters and only at the meadow is insane.
4/4/2009 c11 3Kadekksys
I agree with the running. Actually, though, I almost wish that they'd ramped it up a few extra mphs. I'm rereading Twilight at the moment (I won't say what number this is- it's almost embarrassing :P) and in the baseball scene, Bella talks about how she couldn't even see them move. In the movie, I felt like it was just someone running really really really fast. Does that make sense?

I also agree about the sparkle- I liked it. I thought the "I've killed people" line was perfect. In the book Edward never actually comes right out and says it (at least not as far as I've read/can remember), but I almost liked that they put it in. I mean, why not? Part of him is trying to get Bella to leave him and telling someone that you've killed people is a pretty decent attempt.

On another note: As I said, I've been rereading Twilight and I haven't read it since last June, so it's been a while since I saw the story in its purest form. It's funny, too, because as I've been reading it I've been liking the movie less and less. There's a very light and breezy feel to many of the Edward/ Bella scenes, even if they're talking about something more serious. It's like when they made the movie they decided to do the emo version. Looking at Stewart and Hardwicke, I'm not terribly surprised, but it just makes me a little sad because the rest of the books do have a darker, slightly more emo feel to them- this was their chance to really portray this. Anyways, all this to say, it's going to be difficult to watch the movie from now on after rereading the book and reading your reviews. haha

Btw, I'm really looking forward to reading what you thought of the baseball scene!
4/2/2009 c10 17Darkness.Is.Energy
YES! The Evil Iguana Spoof!

My Twilight-hating friends loved it.

As usual, loved it.
3/31/2009 c10 3Kadekksys
I think they went for the dramatic flair for the woods convo since it was the "big reveal" even though EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW heading into watching the movie.

p.s. LOVE the music that they added to the scene as they're walking into the woods, but I hated how awkwardly it cut out. Again, no music=more dramatic, but ugh... music plays such an important roles in movies, but they sucked at this. hmph.
3/31/2009 c1 sfhdsjkafdsacvcc
This is the complete truth right here.

Nice job!

I will most certainly continue reading! :)
3/30/2009 c9 Kadekksys
I don't think you're bitter enough about them using the C30 instead of the S60... :P jk, jk.

I agree about the random dream sequence. It was a little random but whatevers. And actually, MY biggest gripe with the google-scenes are THE FACT THAT WHEN YOU CLICK THE MOUSEPAD, THAT IS NOT THE NOISE A MAC MAKES! In the movie it's a hard click sound that's eerily similar to a traditional mouse and the mouse pad on a mac makes very little to no noise. I know that sounds strange, but it drives me up the wall every single time I see the movie. haha
3/29/2009 c8 Kadekksys
I TOTALLY THOUGHT THE SAME THING about the sudden change from afternoon to night! I guess you could maybe say "it gets darker faster" that far north (which IS true) but it still should have been darker when she left the dress shop.

Oh, and when he glares at them, I was hoping for him to do something vampire-ish since only the guys could have seen it and not Bella, but I suppose since he hasn't been outed as a vamp yet (though I'm pretty sure about 99.9% of the viewing audience knows before seeing the movie) it wouldn't have been such a good thing.

Your parents pushed you to get a Volvo... I get you argued that one real hard :P

I, too, loved the "cat" line- brilliant! And I never realized that the waitress DOES look like Hardwicke! you're positive it's not her?
3/28/2009 c7 Kadekksys
I agree about Angela and Bella's dance convo. Kinda random. AND ERIC'S REACTION IS PERFECT! So great. I dunno, though. I kinda liked the flashback sequence. There's just something about it. :/

"This one little line and smile just avoided the movie train wreck of the century." L.O.L. HAHAHAHA Brilliant.

While I disagreed (slightly) with you about J, V, and L's first appearance, I totally agree about the second. The thing is, though, Alice wouldn't have necessarily seen it. Doesn't she only see things regarding people she's already come into contact with? Or maybe I'm off.
3/28/2009 c7 5midnightsweetheart
It is very interesting to read your opinion on the film, some of your comments really made me laugh like the one about the giant owl in the biology scene. I had to watch that scene over and I was in hysterics!

I really respect your opinion as a twilight purist, though I disagreed with a few of your points. I agreed with a lot of it, particularly your point about the blood typing scene though!
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