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7/31/2011 c3 Nia Love
This is a great story so far! I wish yu could have finished it. I'm pretty sure it would have turned out to be a good story!
5/27/2009 c1 3cndysweetmss
good beginng!

`Hey~`~Camille Demicco

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5/18/2009 c2 Omok
I swear I've never read the first chapter before. The other version, or the one i recall in my memory; david was already gone and bb in the first chapter. =O


Thanks for updating! xD hehehe. xD it's really good. Well, I love the idea. =D =D I hope you update soon; lols. xD hahaha. XD *nudge nudge* you know, regular updates and all; would rock! XD =3
5/4/2009 c4 Omok
Yes, I'm even reviewing for THIS.

*stares* schools hard and all; but a WHOLE MONTH? T-T; *twitch*


BE THAT WAY...=_=;
5/2/2009 c3 Omok
*stares* You put up three chapters within ten days. xD great!

BUT new problem...

ever since then; there was NO new chapters for A MONTH AND ONE DAY!

uh huh.

Yeah. No. Don't make me go and run after you too now. *stares* Update update!

aside from the complaints, XD I really like this story :D :D I hope you update soon! xD hahaha. XD The events are going to unfold :D:D the first two chapters were introductions, only the 3rd chapter (to me at least xD) had anything "juicy" in it XD hehehehehe...xD

update soon please~ I'm waitting :D :D
4/2/2009 c3 someone
so whens the next chapter
3/22/2009 c1 PearlsAngel
Nice writing but it feels like you are rushing the story. It's also a bit cliche.

I look forward to more chapters. ^_^ Will there be any citrus?
3/21/2009 c1 73An Inside Joke
I like that friendship is the focus of this story. Kris comes across as very immature - at the beginning of the story when she was squealing over girls, I thought she was 12 or 13, and her reaction to the ghost show was also young. I felt that the narrator sounded older, and if her boyfriend is in the army, he must be at least 18, so I would have liked more of a sense of how old these girls are, and what sort of life they lead (are they students? in high school or college? Or are they graduated and looking for work? etc.)

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