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for Forever and Ever, Again

4/29/2009 c1 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Herro there! ex-wolfblood82 with a new nick. :) Well erm sorry for this belated review tbh. I was actually planning to review after I've done my new story and put it up. But since it's been delaying, guess I'll make a visit here lol! XD

Anyway good piece of poem here. But for some weird reason, this comes across me more like a journal rather than poetry. Ah well, guess my brains pretty screwed atm. :S But I do like the way you did the narrator's character here. Really made his insanity as more humane than just something out of the blue. Anyway, thanks very much for your review on A Ranger's tale up till now. Hopefully you can have a shot in reviewing my new work when I get it up. :)
3/26/2009 c1 9Narq
This is really good. I enjoyed reading this poem and especially loved this: "This old life is moving on, and something different will come along./A vague familiarity to it all, now rendered real from the nightmare fog."

Just a question though, this poem seems to be a jumble of thoughts/emotions and I can't see where the journey's gone. I read somewhere that a poem can take the reader on to a spiritual journey with only a small collection of words but I am finding trouble with 'hitchhiking' on your train.

Good job though,


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