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7/29/2013 c3 2TashLee.xX
Hey there! I absolutely love your writing. It's descriptive and yet simple to follow. Most importantly, I'm attracted to the relationship between Alicia and Ms. West. I know it's been four years since you've last updated, but I'd really love it if you would continue this story. I can see it has a lot of potential. Thanks :)
1/11/2010 c3 notyourbiz
This ones really good too :D I hope you get arond to updating pretty soon
9/28/2009 c3 11UponAtlas
if you stop favouring the other one and update this i am going to kill somebody. well..probably not but still, update soon.

its awesome the plot is really good and i want to sleep with ryan too LOL he sounds gorgeous. UPDATE!
8/1/2009 c3 2msallaroundperfect
Update Soon!
7/26/2009 c4 NX-01
By all means, update this. You've established some interesting character traits and problems that must be explained.
6/21/2009 c3 7EFaye
hey :)

i like this story so far and was wondering if you're going to write more or if you have cuz i'd really like to read more :D

plz let me know?

5/3/2009 c3 shiboo
lol i gotta know what happens next
4/4/2009 c3 15collypollyy
wow! this is really good! I really cant wait to see what happens with Missy. Then what the relationship will turn into with Ms.West and the new teacher. AND WHAT WILL ALICIA FEEL LIKE AFTER ALL OF THIS?

Wonderful chapter!

update soon
4/3/2009 c3 NX-01
Though this story is only a few chapters long, there isn't much to comment on. However, this story has some potential and shouldn't be discontinued
3/27/2009 c2 collypollyy
you should totally continue this! Its seriously really great. I want to see what happens with Alicia and Ms.WEst! It sounds really intersting.

Im going to put this on my story alerts! Please continue! :)

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