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3/9/2012 c19 6Little Silver Kitten
I feel sad for Harry and Anne but at the same time I feel extremely happy that Olivia finally made up her mind about Ben~~ Ahhh, s cliffy! May you update soon!
3/9/2012 c19 darkgurl92
i'm glad that they worked everything out, but i hope Ben doesn't run away because Oliva said she loves him..

update soon :)
3/9/2012 c19 8CrazyCowgirl101
Been waiting for this chapter forever! Bring on the next one!
3/6/2012 c18 inu.sara
please update..this is killing me..please please please
3/4/2012 c18 Dove29
I'm now all caught up, and wanting more. Toby is such a prick, wanting what he can't have now that it's gone. Ugh. Other than that can't wait for more. Harry and Anne are faves but I'm glad you added a little conflict to their storyline, since they always seemed so perfect.
3/4/2012 c18 Chele
Randomly decided to go on fictionpress today and stumbled upon this story...read the whole thing through in one sitting. So glad you're still updating and hope to see another chapter soon!
3/4/2012 c15 Dove29
So, I randomly decided to check my FictionPress alert stories, since I haven't gotten any emails in awhile, and to my surprise, this story was updated. The last time I read this, only fourteen chapters had been up and now there are seventeen. I can't wait to read them, and am so glad you're back, especially with this story. :)
2/25/2012 c18 theslykit
i hadn't been on FP for a long while but was really glad that the first thing i saw was this story updated! :D I remember you took a lot of your stuff down because of plagiarism and i felt terrible for that...i really liked your one-shots in the beginning way back when and have been following your stories ever since :) i'm also really glad that you're trying to get your work published! then you REALLY won't have plagiarism issues..i mean i'm sure you will but then you can finally sue their asses! ^^

i can't wait to see this story updated! Despite a few grammar mistakes still love, love, love! (i do want to see more interaction between ben and sophia where she gets her ass handed to her..worst sister ever...i have a younger sister and i can never imagine treating her the way sophia treats olivia...: )

3 please update soon!
2/19/2012 c18 dddenised29
OMG! I am in love with this story! Ben & Olivia are just great characters. I honestly ran across this and started reading this morning and couldn't stop until I had read it all. You left me on such a cliffhanger thought. I knew that jackass Toby was going to come and try to fuck this up with his selfishness. I can't wait for an update!
2/11/2012 c18 goanywhere
Oh, for the love of God, please, please update soon. I'm begging you. I've been reading this since eight PM and now it's almost midnight. Please update. This is one of the stories that get you emotionally attached. My heart was clenching whenever Ben and Olivia fought, when he walked out, when Toby was there. Please update soon. I think I'll go crazy if you don't. I have to know what happens. Please. It's a necessity. I truly adore this story. It's amazing. You are an amazing writer. I love how you write. I love your plot. I love your characters, most of them, at least. Please, please update soon!
2/6/2012 c17 cu-12
Forgot to ask: does Toby have any redeeming qualities? I know that he's not Olivia's prince charming, but it's been hugely biased against him so far, especially since he's suppose to be a best friend to Olivia and the other characters and no one seems to like him all that much. All the other friends are lovely and wonderful and Toby comes off as superficial and selfish. Is he suppose to be the ultimate villain or just the non-soul-mate-best-friend?
2/6/2012 c18 cu-12
Eek! Just found your story yesterday and could stop reading it-I love it! I really like the pace you've set up for the story. It doesn't feel rush or like you're writing just to get to lovelovelove parts; instead it feels like you're really taking the time to flesh it out, making it real with characters that don't just flip at the flick of a switch. I'm sorry to hear about the plagiarism problem you had, do you have your other stories up somewhere else that's better protected? I'd love to read what else you've written. Regardless, I'm glad to get to read this! Can't wait for an update!
2/6/2012 c18 1obliviousdaydreamer
Okay, so it has been over a month since you updated-which is fine. I get that life moves on. But the cliff hange might just kill me. I need to know!

I love this story-you can see obvious character development between Olivia and Ben. The little bits with Harry/Anne and Violet/Jamie are adorable. The characters each have their flaws which simply makes them more loveable.

Frankly, this is one of the best stories I have read, and I'm really enjoying it and it almost broke my heart when I figured out I was on the last chapter with an insufferable cliff hanger.

And I'm sorry for the plaigarism stuff that seemed to be going on. Hope you got that squared away and realize that people only do it because they admire you/are jealous of your writing.

Good luck with publication processes, sure it will all go well.

And, of course, please update. Soon would be preferable.
2/1/2012 c18 15thenifoundfivedollars
I had a half day of work today, and instead of cleaning like I'd planned, I read this lovely story from beginning to end. It was certainly worth it.

Your writing style is flawless, and while the plot is witty and believable and creative, the real draw of this story is in the characterizations. Even the minor characters are fleshed out, and I love that Olivia and Ben are both smart, sophisticated and mature. It's been a real pleasure getting to know them, and I'm really rooting for the female lead. She's so likable and relatable, with just the right amount of quirk and flaw. Ah. I can't get over how much I've enjoyed reading from her POV.

It's a real shame that I'm left with such a cliffhanger, but it certainly ensures that this story will be on my mind. I cannot wait to find out what happens, and I think you handled the chapter wonderfully. I think it's nice when a reader is unsure of which side to take. On the one hand, it's hard not to sympathize with Olivia. She's not a freak, just a girl who hung on too long for the wrong guy. While she's dated here and there, I get the feeling like Ben is the first guy she's truly put herself out there for. Consequently, he's the first guy she's been 'ready' for besides Toby.

At the same time, I feel for Ben, too. I was certainly shocked that a twenty-seven year old woman with such confidence and maturity was a virgin. It's plausible, of course, but he was surprised and didn't want to take advantage of her.

Gah. I could ramble on and on, but I'll stop.

I've got to say, the first bit with Liv scraping her knee and Ben bringing her cupcakes on her birthday just warms my heart. :D And the entire European getaway, from the amusing plane ride to the 'squee!'-worthy Scotland moments, was amazing.

Certainly one of the best gems I've found on fictionpress, and I am looking forward to reading more!
1/29/2012 c18 3Chocolate is Yummy
HAHA. "toss Olivia over his shoulder like a caveman" OHH MY. I died on that line. I realize that this situation isn't a comedic one right now, but I seriously love the way Ben's mind works. I hope not too much angst and misunderstandings cloud this relationship though. I'm dying for them to proclaim their undying love to one another and live happily ever after. Olivia will be all like, "Toby? Sorry, who is that again?"
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