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3/28/2009 c1 LondonLi
Thanks so much for starting this story! This couple has always been one of my favorites! Can't wait to see what Ben's thinking!
3/28/2009 c1 Lucy-the-bookworm
That's a sad birthday, she cuts her knee and then her father calling and complaining. The part with Ben was interesting they didn't fight!
3/28/2009 c1 6summers-end
YAY! I'm so glad you're writing this sequel! And I already identify with Olivia and her list, haha, so I can't wait for the next chapter.

Question: will she confront Toby about him never returning her feelings/will he talk to her about it OR will you just have her fall in love with Ben?

Update soon!

3/28/2009 c1 Ren
Aw. That was so cute. I have to say, I love this little mini... series? thing of yours. This one and Violet's story always gives me happy little butterflies and cheers me up on bad days.

Update please! :)
3/28/2009 c1 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You

i love it!

cant wait for more!

hope you update soon!

3/28/2009 c1 KittyCat86
YAY! You've started updating More Than Anyone. I really really adore this couple. They're the best ^_^

I'm really looking forward to the editing you're going to do.
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