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for The Vampire Mansion The Lost Chapter

4/26/2009 c1 11Sakiru Yume
This is pretty good. I don't know if I loved it. I mean...I don't know. It was well written.
4/13/2009 c1 6Carmel March
Oh, I love seeing this side of the story. Hope you continue with this!

3/30/2009 c1 Nerdillicous
I like this story...i hope you keep addind cuz there is more to the story..i wanna know about his love for her and when he first stasrt "stalking"her.:)
3/29/2009 c1 Systatic
That was absolutely lovely. It was so refreshing to see Erik's point of view and to know just how much Don means to him, and to see the weakness that his emotions give him, how easy it is for Jared to manipulate him.

Marc is great-I can see why you wanted to write him. I can't wait until I see him in some bigger roles in the future.

Your emphasis on the council was wonderful as well-just enough and not too much. You've given me enough to wonder what EXACTLY it is that the council does, its origins and who it hires (are they trapped, unable to cut their ties once they agree?), aside from bringing back rogue vampires.

Great job, again. I can see how your writing style has evolved from the beginning of TVM to now, and I can say that I'm delighted with the progress.

Hope you're doing well,

Noelle Hansen

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