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1/12/2020 c11 1Voyager
Also here 10 years later and still want to say I love your writing!
10/9/2019 c11 Kenzhee
It's so strange, I've been trying to come up with an idea for a writing event this year and one of my ideas reminded me of a story I read for the first time over ten years ago. It took some digging, but I finally found him, Mr. Sebastian Bear, lurking in my internet history. After blowing through that fic in about 2.3 seconds, I came across Moon Child, also oddly familiar. I actually remember starting this fic as a teen and falling completely in love with Jared. But, as fickle teens do, I forgot about supernatural boys after discovering their slightly more corporeal and drastically more disappointing counterparts. I can't tell you how shocked I was when I realized that I wasn't the only one revisiting those unforgettable boys. I'm so glad you're finishing Moon Child, and I can't wait to see how Sebastian grows (though hopefully not in maturity lol). You have written some really strong characters that have stuck with this girl into adulthood, and I just wanted you to know that there's someone still here who is completely stoked that you are too. Also, I am HERE for this kissing chapter! I think fluff and silliness actually add to the story and give us readers a chance to enjoy the small moments with our favorite characters. So sorry for this novel-length ramble, I'm just insanely happy that you're still writing!
9/11/2019 c11 2bridgettblah
Woah! Been a while since Ive popped on here! I didnt realize it at first but, I only ever read the first chapter or two of this story so when I saw there was an update I was shocked and excited and started from the beginning! Im really glad I did too. I like that there was never and love triangle aspect to this. I looooove everyone relationship w each other too! From the start I knew jared was gonna be baileys man but I adore her and jordans friendship so much, as well as cece now too! Also love that this isnt just simple werewolves, I really like the creative twist you added! I will say, I think some timeline stuff may be off? Like for example, Bailey and dustin dated for like 4 years, starting from 15 would put her at 19 right now, but I thought she was 20 or 21ish? Also, jared is a year older than her and jordan, and his 22nd birthday is coming up so shes got to be 21ish right? I could totally be remembering stuff wrong, though!
Anyways, I totally dig this story of yours!
8/30/2019 c11 2LaMB-COW
Okay first of all, your writing is great. I think it's really cool that you're coming back to these stories after so many years. I read Sebastian Bear years and years ago and loved it to pieces and never expected anything else but then then this! Updates! I love this story! It's definitely got a lot going on. I'm so excited for you and your ventures in the future. Wattpad is honestly p overwhelming to me too, but it has a lot of good stuff too. Go for it! You'll do great! I'll see if I can go follow you on there too.

Much love, and good luck with it all!

8/30/2019 c11 Nichose
I can’t wait to see how this world unfolds a bit more. I feel like time is passing quickly, so I’d love to get back inside Bailey’s head a bit for all those feels.
I will definitely be checking out your new story!
8/18/2019 c10 Perri
Brittany, I love these characters. Please write more soon.
8/15/2019 c10 Spazthemagicbeanstalk
Welcome back! I really liked this chapter, there was a good balance on Bailey's emotional state with everything going on with Jared and getting 'attacked'. My theory is that her attacker was the original 'werewolf', Jared and Jordan's dad. I can't wait to see though!
8/12/2019 c10 Guest
I was so surprised when I had the notification that this story was updated. I had to go back and reread the previous chapters to remind myself of Bailey and her boys. If you continue to post, I will continue to read. Glad to have you back!
8/11/2019 c10 Gemma
Great chapter! So happy you are committed to finishing this! I will be here reading each update no matter how long it takes! Thank you for writing!
8/10/2019 c10 10Sorraya T
Hey! I haven't been on here in ages until I got the notification for your update. Maybe I'll have to keep going with my writing too...
Loved the update and looking forward to more.
8/10/2019 c10 Many moons ago
Oh my god ... what an email to receive.
I just want to say... people are still reading
And it’s good you’re back to writing!

Happy you’re back!
8/10/2019 c10 Guest
Long time reader here, still here, also after 10 years. With you until the end for sure. I definitely need to see what happens when they go to Olympus.
8/10/2019 c10 Guest
Still here!
Love this story!
8/10/2019 c10 Elle Winters 9
Welcome back. Had to reread past few chapters.. would be good to have a whole story recap. But still interesting! Keep it going :)
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