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6/22/2009 c10 Erica71167
Very good. Excellent. I love it.
4/3/2009 c10 58MetroxStation
rlly like all of this =]=]
4/2/2009 c10 7katezilla
Oh my gosh, ash this is amazing. I cried so many times reading this. its so insighful and well written. Bravo.
4/1/2009 c1 58MetroxStation
wow! i love this!
4/1/2009 c10 Subconscious-Flirt
I really like this, the way everyone kinda got together. it actually kinda reminds me of this one book by david levithian, except there were more people and it was poem-ish. in a very good way, of course. i sort of agree about the really fast relationships but theyre nice to read. add more soon :D
4/1/2009 c10 faithful.dream
the HSC? well all the questions are based off the syllabus, learn the syllabus, and you'll ace it.

i liked your story, quite interesting.i was never really good at english though, so im not sure if its HSC worthy, but your not using it, so all is well. i always found it weird how i sucked at english, but i loved reading.

AND, i study biomedical science at UTS, lol.
4/1/2009 c1 1Liz Bee
It's kind of funny because I'm doing the NSW HSC as well (extension english 2) and I'm writing the big big story, so when I came across someone who was also an Ext.Eng 2 student I was curious.

The oddities such as brackets, alternate spacing ,italics and bold font remind me a lot of the stories from students from past years that I found in books.

Anyway it's kinda cool to find a fellow english nerd, so I'll read on.
4/1/2009 c2 faithful.dream
LOL ! HSC, i did that least year ! ah, high school, those were the days.

the plots pretty interesting, but id still like to read more before i make my final opinion =)

i hope you do well in the HSC, uni's a blast...at the start. haha.

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