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5/16/2012 c3 22younghomiewhatyoutrippinon
I really love it so far. I really like what he did for her
11/4/2010 c8 1Tsukimori Kahoko-chan
Aw... That was sweet... I really love the last paragraph... Full of words filled with love and understanding... Love with sacrifice... Just like ConAi... ARGGH! I can't remove that pairing in my mind! I missed you too!
10/31/2010 c3 Tsukimori Kahoko-chan
Wow! That was sweet! Aw...A boy taking care of a girl while she is sick! That so cute! I wonder when you are going to update so I'll just remind you: Update soon!

~ Your no. 1 fan,

Tsukimori Kahoko-chan (Edogawa Ai-chan)
10/31/2010 c2 Tsukimori Kahoko-chan
Woah! Even though this story is short, it explained evrything! That's why I lie your stories! Nice job!
10/31/2010 c1 Tsukimori Kahoko-chan
Hi! Miyano Ran, if you can still recognize me, I am Edogawa Ai-chan! Your story... is my first story that I have ever read in fictionpress! Okay, enough with the chit chat! S from your story, I have heard that a teenage girl fainted on her way to home. That was really great! I am urging myself to press the next chapter but that would be rud if I won't review for the next chapter!
6/13/2009 c3 1mi panda yew
aw how sweet:)quite nice:)
6/13/2009 c1 mi panda yew
I like it:)I want to know what happens next:P
4/17/2009 c1 15xLuckystarx
XP Like I said, great story ^^ really cute... and when are you posting the next part? XD

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