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for The Forest is The Key to My Sanity

9/30/2009 c12 MidnightRythm1990
Ugh i'm sorry the rentals are douches but this chappie was evil! ur such a tease!
9/30/2009 c12 ForTheLoveOfWords

i understand that you are going through tough stuff. me too. especially with school. i just don't have the energy of the need to do my school work. i know what you mean, and my dad is always onto me about my computer time too...

i just hope you know that I LOVE this story. i'm just glad you haven't given up on it.

update as soon as you can. i'l still be waiting to read it...

because it's SO FUCKING GOOD!

8/3/2009 c11 ForTheLoveOfWords
absolutely awesome!

but charlotte is very clueless. she isn't even questioning anything that matthew says.

oh, i love this story so much. there were a few typos and such, but i know you're busy. i'm just glad you're still updating fairly frequently.


can't wait to read more.
8/3/2009 c11 MidnightRythm1990
Where the fuck is her mom goin? this makes me go huh? lololololololo... okaay i'm gonna take a stab in the dark ans say that matt hears spencer in in his head ir sumthing, along the liesn of that/.
7/30/2009 c10 MidnightRythm1990
She's gonna kill him! Dude... i love that she kicked him in the crotch that's the best part dude! lollove it sarabear!

*hearts* Jessica *hearts*
7/30/2009 c10 ForTheLoveOfWords
wow...i've never been referred to as a chicken before. especially a lovely chicken...i don't know whether to be appalled or smiley. haha C:

awesome chapter as always. and is mathew spencer, spencer? cuz that's what it looks like to me, and Charlotte is an idiot. hehe...please write more when you can...

i can't wait to read!

7/26/2009 c9 ForTheLoveOfWords
are you CRAZY!

how can you give us this wonderfully written paragraph, and then say "well, i may not have time to update for a while"...

that is evil! :)

PLEASE! write more SON!
7/26/2009 c9 MidnightRythm1990
hehe i love Spencer! He'sh awesome! **floating hearts**

but i am confuzzled like whoah.

awesome job though. I hate her mom. She's a fuckin bitch.
7/9/2009 c8 MidnightRythm1990
haha fire-breathing dragon... hehe she so is! Especially for not telling Charlie about her dad! And even her brother! What bytches both of them!

Awe Mathew's so cute! **Steals** Hehehe ^_^ **sadly and reluctantly ives back** you'd kil me if i stole for good. or betta yet charlie'd kill meh. ;_; oh well.. moving on from the attack of fangirlm syndrome...

ugh her mother! i'm soo irked by her.

wait a minute... WHAT the hell was htat "Spence" part about?

Is Spencer a voice that Matt hears? Hmm?

Rooksie! Have ya ben holding out on me?


♥ Midnight ♥


Have you hear Paramore's new song? IT's so good. CAlled Igorance. Check their myspace. w. myspace. com/ paramore
7/9/2009 c8 ForTheLoveOfWords
aw...i can't imagine losing my daddy.

awesome chapter though...however, i want more stuff to start happening. the one thing i hate about fictionpress...the author's stories aren't complete! :)

please update soon.

7/5/2009 c7 ForTheLoveOfWords
please update more often.

this story was just and IS just getting good.

i can't wait to read the next chapter.

7/4/2009 c7 MidnightRythm1990
you betta update more my sarwah... otherwise! you're in BIG trouble.
5/17/2009 c6 MidnightRythm1990
this is Aurora from other reviews but... anyways!

Anyways... awesomeness! who is this new person i am bery curious to know
5/15/2009 c6 ForTheLoveOfWords
I still really like this story...although I am a bit confused...it's awesome. Please keep writing...

5/13/2009 c5 MidnightRythm1990
lvoe it better continue quickly!
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