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1/16/2010 c50 Darken Twilight
well for starters, i have to say this is an awesome story. it hooked me in from the first chapter, hopefully you'll make more like it. One thing i don't get is why it's under humor, there were a few funny parts but all in all it was sad *not that i'm complaining, it was a damn good story*. i enjoyed your story, keep it up!
9/13/2009 c50 3Wind's Fury
Amazing, that's all I have to say. You sir have made it into my favorites. I usually just read the first chapter for reviews, but I just wanted to see how the story went. I like how you made the story told through letters through the story, I just tend to like stories told in a different way. I also liked how the ending played out, it was also nice that you switched styles, it really worked to make the story end better. I assume his father lost his memory? That's what John/Jane Doe is used for, I think.
9/4/2009 c50 7SoneAnna
And lastly:

Well...I must say the ending sorta confused me. I'm taking it that "John Doe" was Tommy's dad, but the comment about foreign adoption...was that supposed to signal something? Or was it just a meaningless comment? And also the fact of Tommy flipping out and punching his dad seemed sort of out of character for him. He seemed like such a hopeful boy, thiough I could understand hwere his anger came from it just seemed so...sudden.

What I did like, was the narrative format of the end. It wraps up a very compelling read oh so nicely.
9/4/2009 c49 SoneAnna
Ja! I actually have finished this, but I didn't review it. Ehehehe.


Well, I think you've done a good job in these last few chapters of making the dad a real bastard, hehehe. It stirs a lot of smypathy for Tommy, as for years and years he wrote and then one day his dad decides to care.

I'm liking the dates on the letters, too. Because various parts of the story jump between time periods, it helps more to be able to understand what has been going on. At least for people like me. XD
8/11/2009 c50 Death-of-Penguins
I liked this. It was...insightful. I thought it was nice to see the development from young child upwards.

Sorry if this all sounds dead formal. First review on this site. I've just realised what I've been missing. Well, see ya1
8/3/2009 c50 James
Well. That was amazing. The ending was filled with emotion, and it made me cry. Great job.
8/3/2009 c50 4k.maag
Wow. What a powerful ending to a powerful story.

I liked the emotional quality and reality behind this story.

Now that it's over, I only have two suggestions:

1. I don't know if putting it in the "humor" category was especially accurate, even though the story was funny at times.

2. If Tommy was 30 years old at the end of the story, realistically speaking, his teen angst that would have gone with his situation in reality during say, 8th grade would have dissipated by then. So I don't know if the ending of the story suspended my disbelief as much as it could have, but I liked it nonetheless.

Thank you for finishing the story in such a striking way.
8/2/2009 c1 1EmmaJeanne
ahaha this is funny : ]
8/2/2009 c50 TymCon
Aw its over:( Ahh well we had a good run;) JKJKJKJK:P Well i think he treated his father well enough:)
8/2/2009 c49 TymCon
reply tommy:P
8/2/2009 c48 TymCon
Hm i hope he actually wants to meet instead of just trying to ease his conciese
8/2/2009 c47 TymCon
Oh my god! Hes replying! Im disturbingly happy at that:P
8/2/2009 c46 TymCon
8/2/2009 c45 TymCon
im hoping for a happy ending:P
8/2/2009 c44 TymCon
hahahahahahha, of course letters are fine whit him:D
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