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1/4/2013 c24 chibi-Clar
I love it!
Even though u said I couldn't relate to the characters .
I still liked it.
Although not the ending...
I wanted an ending more on them.
Like maybe during the wedding she finds out she's pregnant(they relize the makeup time they did was unprotected...)
Then a happily ever after.
But anyways.
I still live it!
And I hope u do write a one shot or series for Brian.
He finds Someone to love because I don't like Beth.
But that's up to u.
Anyways I love it!
5/12/2012 c24 FamishedNight
Awesome story!
9/26/2009 c24 Kmc1596
Ok i love this story i read it none stop to day i was real sad when Lillian and Decklin got in to that argue ment and when her uncle died but everything else i loved. You really know how to make a reader feel what the character feels, its really good plz write another one or a nother story!

8/30/2009 c4 Dearhardt
Hey i finished reading perfectly starcrossed today and decided to start on this. i love it so far one thing i noticed tho is that you called decklin derek in this chapter. anyways i love it so far!
8/28/2009 c24 Bookwormstrangly
ooh man i loved this one, and the first one. They are flippin fantastical man! Ohh and Christine Feehan's best series is the drake sisters!
8/22/2009 c24 monotone rainbows
So I finished reading this, and I have to say, it was really good!
8/21/2009 c16 monotone rainbows
I havent finished the story yet, but I thought I'd just say that this chapter made me tear up a little. As well as the one before. And the one before that.
8/21/2009 c24 bianca08
That was a satisfying ending. Short and sweet. I think its really good that Brian is breaking away from the gang a bit and doing his own thing. Even if you just did a one shot, it would still be interesting to see what happens to him. Good work. Will try to check out ur blog when i can. Oh and im studying english literature and history. Uni is fun.
8/20/2009 c24 LondonLi
Thanks so much for the happy ending on this one; and I'm looking forward to more sequels. I'd love a one-shot featuring Brian and a sequel to your "Interview with a Rockstar" would be very appreciated. I really enjoyed that story!
8/20/2009 c24 7Your Execution
I really liked this story and i dont think your charactors were shallow. Oh and i LOVE the ghostwalker series. I didnt read any of her other books though. oh well. but yeah i really liked this story. and i think you should do a story on brian. his bit at the end interested me as to see how everytihng works out for him. :D
8/19/2009 c24 2MiZZ SaHurr
Is Brian running away? That's sad...if no one wants him, I'll take him hahaa, but I think you should write a spin off for him, and I hope he finds his dream girl! I loved this story, and I truly think you're a talented writer, also I can't wait for your upcoming projects!
8/6/2009 c23 bianca08
I dont think your characters are shallow actually. hOWEVER i do think it strange that Lillian is getting married so young, just like her mother. I d have thought she would do it differently. Whats the rush? Lol why is Brian never getting married? He sounds cool. Good luck for college...Iam in my second year and I love it
8/5/2009 c23 Ally
I dont know why but i really liked this story. loved it. I really like your writing style (i dont know what else to call it) and i liked the characters. Although by the end i realized i forgot lillians name was Lillian. I mixed up my stories and thought it was elizabeth. I got so confuzed with Decklin calling her Lily too. I guess lily can come from elizabeth if your creative...ANYWAY I loved it ;D
8/5/2009 c23 MiZZ SaHurr
Well, to tell you the truth, there isn't anything more you can do with this, I think...I didn't mean that in a rude way, honest. I mean, the main conflict and stuff is over, and I think you should just end it with the wedding, with Lily and Deck getting their happily ever after. Just like Perfectly Star Crossed, you know? Because that was kinda the point right, of history repeating itself and whatnot. But that's just my personal opinion, and ultimately it's your choice, since you're the author. I like this chapter, because it shows that the story is winding down, like falling action perhaps, which is why I suggested the idea above in the first place. But I didn't think your characters were shallow, in fact, I quite liked them to tell you the truth. Lillian is everything I wish I could be. And I hope Brian finds someone. But I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story!:) Good luck in any future endeavors!
7/31/2009 c22 bianca08
Im impressed that Lillian held nothing back when she beat him up. In all honesty however, Lillian does have some less than desirable qualities (IMO) and if i knew someone like her while in Isaiah's place I d prob dislike her and put her down etc but id never do what he did. He went too far. Glad that most of the problems have been resolved in the story. Oh and how was the date?
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