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for The Four

5/15/2009 c4 1Mynthia Fae
I like the way these are written, deep and with feeling the way it should be. Well done in a creative and unique way. I enjoyed reading all four bits. Im curious about your other work and off to read those ^_^
5/9/2009 c1 28SpaceKid
I felt like I could really follow this poem, you probably don't know what I mean by that but it's a good thing. This poem felt really warm to read and I liked how it ended, it was just a really good poem!
4/6/2009 c2 2musicman108
Sorry! I didn't see the next poems- your vocab is pretty good!
4/6/2009 c1 musicman108
First Review! I really liked "Second"-it was a great way to start of this collection. I think you really have potential, and although the vocabulary isn't very complex (no offense) it almost brings out your emotions clearer than maybe if you used fancier words. I think that this could turn out really good. Keep going with this!

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