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for The Grey Seal

6/6/2009 c1 AdiGal
That really wasn't bad for a 7th grader's writing!

-AG :)
5/21/2009 c1 Riucey

I'm a member of group Cô Dạ Sơn, and I think that this story is interesting. I wonder if you would please give us permission to translate it to Vietnamese and release it at our site: http:/codason./ and

Excuse us for intruding

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.
4/11/2009 c1 3our-name-is-our-virtue
Wow that was a great story! I enjoyed very much! I know that you aren't going to change anything so I won't tell you what's wrong with it. But awesome story! :)

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