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6/7/2009 c5 2sunny-raindrop
Oh no, and I have read only the first chapter. This addiction turns out not the be a very favorable one right now.:(

Okay, I ABSOLUTELY understand you. I'm angry and disappointed and fed up. So many of my fav stories and authors disappeared because of some stupid plagiarizers. I simply can't understand their way of thinking. How can they be excited and pleased with being praised when they didn't accomplish anything? How on earth does it feel good? Back to the main point, I understand why you take down everything and none of my hard feelings is directed at you, of course.

So what now? Livejournal? How does it work? I'd really love to read your stories, so many of them were/are my favorites and I love your writing style. Hm. I don't know how FP works, who operates it but I think it would be a good solution if only registered readers were allowed to read. It would still mean thousands of potential plagiarizers (it sounds so wrong) but not billions like now that everyone who finds the site can read anything. And probably users would be identifiable by their IP address or something. (I'm not that good at IT.) Because you know this whole situation makes me so depressed. It seems that most of those who really put effort into their works and were worth reading are disappearing (for understandable reasons) and FP will lost its whole appeal. (As well as its standard.) I loved this one and a half year that I spent here 'cause I found so many talented and creative people. Many stories were more enjoyable and better than some printed books. And for free! Well, talking about books, if you ever got publish (and why the heck would you not?) make sure to sell them outside the US, too. ;) But then again, I hope I don't have to wait that much time reading you. Anyway, thanks for every last moment I could spend reading your stuff, it was a great experience, and don't get some stupid people get you down! I wish you the best,

6/6/2009 c5 emma
I just want you to know how much I love your writing and how sad it makes me that, just as you said, people are so uncreative and cowardly that they can't even attempt to put their own work out there, or maybe not even write anything at all. It takes bravery to publish, no matter how informally, work that you clearly care deeply about and spend countless hours over. I appreciate your work and the work of many others on fictionpress more than I feel I can properly express in a single review. Your novel Don't Make a Scene is really one of my favorites on this site (I actually have friends who go to the high school where Lacey goes, and the Sanford is indeed a wonderful restaurant!), and I am already missing it dearly. Fictionpress is like a massive bookshelf that never gets empty-until now. The plagarists wreaking havoc on the creativity and freedom of Fictionpress writers are comitting an unforgivable crime by emptying the bookshelf, comparable to book burning-they show such an unbelievable and cavalier disregard for not only literary integrity, but also for the sheer generosity that people like you show in putting your work online and hoping that people will enjoy and give feedback. Such a betrayal of trust is devastating and tragic for a website that has become a sort of worldwide library of literary works in progress. I hope that the livejournal community can become a new sort of fictionpress, but I hope even more that some day I will see your works on the shelves of the Milwaukee County Library.

Best wishes,

6/5/2009 c5 2book-geek
NO! i luv this story! this is so sad :'(
6/4/2009 c5 coffeelove220
When I first read about the rise in plagiarized work I was praying that no-one would copy yours because you said you would take all your stories down, and sadly, that has happened. I just even created a LJ just so I could finish reading Port Summer as that is one of my fav stories at the moment. I'm really sorry and good luck with everything.
6/3/2009 c5 1Bellaria


That is the most annoying, loathing, screwed up piece of crap I have ever heard, how dare this person or any others take so many billiant authors work!

It is despicaple and horrible and it makes me so angry!

Argh, this deplorable act of stolen creative thought is highly agravating to all of us who'd rather appreciate it than be jealous that someone else has the guts and the talent (as well as constant motivation) to post these stories that are so much of the author themselves just makes me sick to my stomach.

There's my rant, and my support for you to get this person and send it out there that plagerism is most definitely wrong!

6/3/2009 c5 1Selenion
Gawd, this is insane. I was thinking of posting my first story, but reading what you've said about plagerism is making me think twice. I'm not even sure if I should be posting anything any time soon. My friends are telling me to post my particular story on here, but with this plague on FP ... this is just crazy.

This sucks. I'm going to LJ and sign up right now. I love yer work and it makes me mad to the core that people are like that. Do you know who this girl is? What's her FP address?
6/3/2009 c5 13cRavingsAniTy
OH NO, seriously? :|

What the hell. That really sucks. Myrika's 'Sox in a Box' was so brill. Srsly. :| and I LOVED 'If I Were a Fairytale.' :( I really loved Port Summer too. :( BUT! I shall add you on LJ. Your work is great. I do hope you become a published author one day. *hugs*
6/1/2009 c4 19toffeecakesxox
aw, poor Summer. :(

i like Tom; he's just... really rounded out.

but, i mean, he should think before he speaks..

except that's not him.


awesome chapter; Sherlock the kitten sounds adorable.

6/1/2009 c3 toffeecakesxox
i like Tom.


he's awesome, and witty, and very... col.

and i love his personality.

Summer IS a mystery, so i agree with the hot bad boy. :)

6/1/2009 c4 4scattered-strings
And so the ice princess cracks.

Hey darling, great chapter as always. This story is great fun to read as well; Sue sounds like those typical mothers I see on the streets which is great because realistic characters aren't always bad.

Though, I have to say Tom is an ass and Summer's personality did a 180, and I'm going to enjoy Summer's rehabilitation. I'm wondering if this story is going to have a happy or a sad ending but I hope it's a happy ending because I'm a sucker for happily-ever-afters.

I don't like flying... I prefer driving because I don't like turbulence. Wow... you really have bad luck, that's happened to my mum before...

Hope not, I wouldn't want you to die.

Thanks for the explosive chapter!
5/31/2009 c4 1Bellaria
I think I'll start fromt the start otherwise I'll get to confused. I liked the wake up call with Miriam, nice and subtle at the same time as a swift kick to the motivation.

Then I loved Sherlock, very cute. Kittens are gorgeous we have one in the student riding yards but it needs to be desexed, as much as I love kittens, too many about the place cause problems lol. The little thing even jumped up on my horse's back the other day, made him and her both jump.

Anyway now onto the last bit, wow. Nice swift kick to Tom there, you were right in your reply. This was a good way to do it, and the whole kinght in shining armor thing and I think she needed to snap, at some point you have to reach your breaking point and this very much hinted that she was seriously on edge.

Nice job as normal! :)


5/31/2009 c4 1Izzey
poor Summer. and poor Tom too i guess, but the first thing a guy like that ever needs to learn, is that sometimes, it really is best to just shut up and leave it alone. awesome chapter, as usual. can't wait for the next one!
5/31/2009 c4 Much.Ado.About.Books
Just real quick chapter four input:

IT WAS FRIKKIN AMAZING! all of it. wow. so good!

anyway. love it. so yeah.
5/31/2009 c3 Much.Ado.About.Books
I like him a lot, but the ice princess thing is just a TINY bit cheesy. Just please don't make him start going too far with it-you know, "Hey Ice Princess, I see your tower's being painted. Is that your servant? Oh, your cousin? But does she serve you? No? Do you have a dungeon in that tower?"

But I love the story! Tom does have an awesome kick-ass personality, and Summer is tough too, not too damsel-in-distress-y. I'm looking forward to more!
5/31/2009 c4 1chic rebel
oh dear. i got kinda teary at the end. i feel so bad for her. i hope you update soon!
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