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for This is How it Feels to Be Real

8/28/2011 c6 Frozen.by.Sloth
I dunno what to say to all of this. It is all very strong, but I feel very uneasy about religion. Don't get me wrong, I respect it wholly, and I'm a believer in my kind of way, but it unnerves me and makes me uncomfortable when I hear truly religious people talk about it - no matter how hard I try to stay comfortable with it.
8/27/2011 c5 25Kyllex
I love this. I have never really thought of crayons that way before, but now I won't be able to think of them any other way.

"...you can still use them even when they're broken."

I love that, and the part about breaking them so you can share them. Wow!
3/14/2010 c3 24fairies and snapple
Oh. My. God. This is so beautiful.

Okay the first one- it's so so so lovely. That each of them thinks they understand something more about the other and they sort of do but they don't realize that the other one feels the same way and sometimes there's that instant of understanding. And it just reminded me so much of this boy... but they seemed real and deep and like they honestly matter to the world and I loved that.

The second one- is incredible. Because the way the father and daughter act together is beautiful in the way that love is beautiful when it's real and families aren't like that enough anymore. But I love that he can talk to his daughter about these things and she understands and she can make him laugh and feel better because that's important. And their family just seems so perfect that I feel like I want to put them in a snowglobe so nothing can ever happen to them.

The third one- The descriptions are amazing. Like, I feel like I'm really honestly there too. And it's one of those perfect, heartwrenching moments that always remind me of that Fitzgerald quote about crying because he knew he could never be that happy again. And the last line is incredible and has so much meaning and it all just seems like it's showing how everything is connected.

These were just amazing. I loved them.
8/30/2009 c3 6Rodarrin
This is incredible.

I'm grateful that I've had the chance to read this. It's reminded me of a sense of worship and a feeling of fellowship that I've been missing recently.

8/23/2009 c3 8JamieBell
This was especially lovely. Reminds me of the church camps I went to every year for six years when I was a teen. I love the flame and fireflies imagery-"Don't want...to illuminate their unsteady paths and expose their inexperience" and "Make me braver than the fireflies." So maybe young faith is a little unsteady, but it doesn't get any stronger unless you show it. Because practice makes perfect! Really beautiful! :)
8/20/2009 c3 25Kyllex
This was great, I liked it a lot. (:
8/10/2009 c2 Laura Schiller
Two beautiful, sweet and very realistic stories.
6/30/2009 c2 Frozen.by.SLoth
Okay there's something wrong with me today because I totally read those two chapters again now for shits and giggles and I cried a little.

Poke me.

I don't know why I admitted this, mate. Poke me.
6/25/2009 c2 Frozen.by.Sloth

For the first one. I found it pretty cool that you found a way that speaks what you wanted to say through the very theme. The sweets were a great touch, and the whole thing was kind of touching in that whole "Ima gonna eat a shitload of gummybears" today, just because it totally zipped me in the head in a way that doesn't make you cry. It makes you sad but smile goofily (why is a red squirly line beneath that, goofily is totally a word), and I like that way. Plus, I'm pretty sure you didn't want to make us cry.

So that's a plus :)

It was a pretty unique approach to the topic.

And the second one...

You know, I always wondered how the families took it, and if the reactions were still big (because, you know... It's pretty much paleness all around here...), and it's nice to see some real emotion about it.

It's simple but effective.

I always found stories that were partially autobiographic (not that every isn't) rather spastic. Fantastic, bombastic, it's so freaking elastic.

Sorry, reviews make me serious, and then I was like... omfg I'm not growing up, am I? So I totally wrote a song about "tic".

And it's all cause of you.

By the way - it's really smokin' that I get a place on the profile page. Like, I got the cover. I'm the hot news. I'm the freaking chicken eating gummy bears.

And it's good to know you still have to read things twice before you understand my way of talking, or the general... eloquence. ;)

And, I know - right? We made next to no sense and still proved our brilliance! That's what I'm taalking about!1oneone!exclamationpoint!1


And dude; i don't know who that Barbara Kingsolver is, and I totally copy pasted it into the google search engine with the whole "freaking" thing, and all.

it made me smile - BARBARIAN SHORTS.


Ladybugs, sucker.
5/27/2009 c2 Spurlunk
You are a fantastic writer.
4/20/2009 c2 Kyllex
These are super deep. I like them. (:

(sorry for lame and short reviews. i don't have much time and i'm just typing short ones so i don't forget later.)
4/20/2009 c1 Kyllex
This is really interesting. I like the concept, everyone can relate to not wanting to grow up. Sixteen is a great age...three months until I reach it. (:

Awesome job, kudos to you!
4/19/2009 c2 8JamieBell
That's a lovely vignette. You sketched the situation so well. It's tough when people act that way and are SO tactless and rude. I haven't exactly been in that situation, but remind me to tell you a funny story sometime about my Dad and me. :)
4/19/2009 c1 JamieBell
*blushes* Thanks! We're changing the subject now. :)

Now *this* is poetry. I love the last line here "Young as newly-planted trees and rain puddles and stopwatches at 00:00." That's beautiful! It reminds me of spring. Right now actually! The imagery in the whole thing is wonderful-I love that I can see the age in this kid's eyes. I'm assuming this is based on you...do you have a twin brother, then? I'm excited to see where this story goes. It's off to an excellent start!

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