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8/22/2012 c21 3Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
...you're right. 0.0 I never thought of that before.
8/22/2012 c20 Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
I did find this pretty hilarious. :)
8/22/2012 c13 Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
Lol! I've done that before. It's really hard to tell which one it's supposed to be when it could be either one. :)
8/22/2012 c11 Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
Oooh, too true. Why did he watch it I wonder...?
8/22/2012 c6 Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
:) Wow. Just wow.
8/22/2012 c1 Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
Lol. This made me smile.
5/13/2011 c37 loolaa
yup, my mom actually does it to me n my sis. says how beautiful we are blah-blah and then she makes spitting noises thrice - 'thu, thu, thu nazar na lage'
8/31/2010 c16 2DreamingInNewYork
HAHA. I love that song!
3/30/2010 c63 Dwindling Fire
LOL fail whale
1/17/2010 c64 4Meddlesomepixie
1/17/2010 c63 Meddlesomepixie
1/17/2010 c62 Meddlesomepixie
but i would have loved to see Zuesical the musical!
1/16/2010 c64 54wayfaringstrangers
Oh my! lol xD
1/16/2010 c63 wayfaringstrangers
Haha, nice.
1/13/2010 c64 3CaNdLeJaCk'S gIrL
LOL! Love the last chapter! That's hilarious! :D
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