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5/2/2009 c2 kepteinen
Alan's a bit whiny, isn't he? I still love him, though. Poor Keyd, gonna have a heart attack when he realizes he's gone.
4/26/2009 c1 2Leigh Anguis
I love this so far! I just found this series last night and read them straight through, and I've really enjoyed them. Your character portrayals evoke a lot of emotion, and the world and culture you've created are fascinating. I can't wait to read more!
4/19/2009 c1 kepteinen
I love you.
4/19/2009 c1 meep
I good beginning :) the 'catch-up' seemed to flow better this time lss dijointed.

You typed Kir as Keyd once though when they were discussing the gheret - [i]Keyd seemed to guess what I was thinking about.[/i]
4/18/2009 c1 2Ree
I just went through the other two stories in this series in like, um, two days, and all I really have to say is... damn. I am impressed. I haven't really read your stuff since you stopped updating Christian Faith and Pretty Shade of Grey (I know, way back in the Dark Ages, right?), and this was fantasy and a bunch of stuff I wasn't used to, so I wasn't sure what I'd think. But it's really amazing.

A lot of fantasy authors who make up their own worlds and rules and languages have this really annoying habit of coming off kind of... I don't know. Like. I'll just say it. Asshattish and arrogant. Like, "lol I made my world I AM SO FUCKING COOL." But

some combination of Alan's voice and your writing made it very cool and actually kind of fun rather than making me roll my eyes like most fantasy shit does. It could also be the mix of the modern world with the fantasy, which I like a lot.

So anyway, um. Yeah. This is really going places. I love that it's plot heavy. And I love how you're just kind of casually yet still delicately and seriously handling the fact that hey, Alan was pretty straight before this, but is now definitely head over heels in love with BASICALLY AN ALIEN PRINCE and is pretty okay with it most times. It is, essentially, the shit.

I think I had you friended on LJ on your old name, so I'm gonna friend you there again because I think you're awesome. Because I'm so fucking creative, my username is _ree, so, expect that soon.

I really hope you update next Friday. I'm already looking forward to it. You said you had like, uh, 10% complete? THAT IS TOTALLY ENOUGH FOR 2 CHAPTERS, RIGHT? Come on, you know you wanna.
4/18/2009 c1 xSadistxFujix
Sort of a sad beginning but then again kinda of happy... in a... weird... way. I love this story already. ALl of these stories. The plots are just so well thought out and original. I'm completely in love with them!
4/18/2009 c1 6AlwaysTheNegativeOptimist
4/18/2009 c1 17Ayakaishi Fei
Woah, that was awesome. I think you've spoiled us with the weekly/fortnightly updates, because I am so sad now that there won't be another chapter next Friday. I went back and reread the first 2 books, and that was awesome - I loved the hints that were in there, that I hadn't got the first time.

I loved this chapter, the whole customs which just brought home how alien Keyd really is/can be. I love that Alan is still thinking about his family, even with all the crazy stuff that is going on. I love that Keyd wants to change stuff. I just wanna see how stuff unfolds. I loved the last bit, where Keyd takes Alan to see his birthplace, that's just... aw... he's sharing...
4/17/2009 c1 3sassw14
I like it, but of course why would I still be reading if I didnt? Is the city like an urban city or something more like a village port? Hmm... I'm sure you'll describe it. I can't wait.
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