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4/8/2017 c14 1rAiNwAtEr1
You are a good writer, and the flow of this story was well paced.

The substance and characters however, were boring and uninteresting. I've never been more depressed or bored with a story. Brett's life is utter shit without a ray of hope in sight. Micheal and his children use and abuse him. Brett himself only cares about work, money, and fucking. There was absolutely no redeeming qualities to anyone in this story except for Lee - who we know nothing about anyways. Overall, this story was a complete waste of time for me sadly. I'm sure you have better stories than this. I wish you well with any future works, and hope to read something less drab.
8/7/2013 c11 nerdygirl153
Wow! Congratulations - as a Baha'i, I am very impressed at your accurate description of my faith. Are you Baha'i too?
7/12/2013 c2 JIll
Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I like this. The characters are reasonably flawed, there's no crazy sex stuff going on, and the storyline is believable so far. Thanks. ;)
7/20/2009 c14 green
This I have noticed that Brett and Mike are very frank and honest with each other, more than my parents are. But perhaps dynamics between two men are different than between man and woman.

Mike with a baby, for some reason I have never seen him as the fatherly type, and Brett agreeing. Someone said he would give his arm for someone if they needed it, that's true. I feel as if Brett would be a better father, what if the other kids are resentful of the baby? This is a nice end.
7/20/2009 c14 Josie
Oh wow... Michael... and Brett, always open to taking on whatever comes his away. People think he's stingy, but he gives away so much to his loved ones, all the time. I reckon Michael should take a little time, have some therapy maybe, before he starts with the baby-making, but he was never happy with the fostering so why not.

There's this guy who comes into where I work sometimes, whose name is actually Jihad. Just imagine standing in the middle of town, shouting "Jihad!" at the top of your lungs, 'cos you're looking for your friend... *lol*

Thank YOU for the story! And now of course I'm very curious to see what you do next. I tried the Feed for this page to see when you updated, but I got some note about 'live bookmarks' or whatever, and then nothing. Wonder how that's supposed to work?
7/20/2009 c14 8Sundown
What can I say? Yet another stunning installment to all of your works. Brett is one of my favourite characters in existence. You are in his head and his voice is so so real. I like the course that this story took, and above all, I appreciate that he and Michael are back together - and that their relationship hasn't just slipped into perfect bliss. I especially like it because there seems to be a belief that to evoke realism, the story has to end sad or in a cynical way...but sometimes life can work out. I smiled at the end...and what I really liked was that it wasn't 'LETS have a baby', but more one sided...although I really hope that this doesn't tear Michael and Brett apart. I love the Aussie slang and references used - being an Aussie, it really makes me smile since a high percentile of the stories on here are set in the U.S. Anyway, you write in such a raw and convincing way. The only teeny tiny piece of criticism I would have is to maybe warn about introducing too many characters - it bombards the others a little. I think all of your stories are written in such a way that you can read from any point, begin at ANY story and still enjoy it...I began reading from 'Brett and Michael' and eventually went back and read the others. Anyway, sorry for this novel of a review, but I was waiting for the end of the story just to send a mammoth review because I didn't do so in the chapters. Can't wait until you feel inspired to write a new installment. Bravo, lovely work as usual...and until next time... Xx
7/19/2009 c14 2Pundit
FAN GIRL SQUE! I absolutely adore the Michael-Brett saga you've written, and the latest development is hands-down gold. I'm also incredibly fond of this action-packed chapter. Michael having a baby? I smell drama afoot. As an aside, I really like Jihad (despite his name). He's very cute :) Thanks for the update!
7/19/2009 c14 suninun
oh, you got me excited for the sequel. i hope you continue with the brett/michael point of view because thats my favorite couple
7/18/2009 c14 Chibko
:) A child of his own- I can understand why Michael needs a child of his own, more so than Brett would ever. Perhaps that (and living with Brett) will help stabilize Michael, and perhaps their relationship can last now that they've learned to respect each other's decisions.

I like how the end has been left open, because life goes on, and time doesn't stop. If there were ever a sequel, I'd be happy to read it.
7/18/2009 c14 1Bedlam Chaos
Yeah.. That's the only reason why I'd hope my siblings are in love with someone of the other gender: To be able to have their own kids if they want. I like Brett. I liked him when he met Damon, how it started even if he wasn't always aware about what was going around him. Nevertheless, it's a sensible guy or at least, that's how your description of him depicted him.

Thanks for the chapter :)
7/18/2009 c14 DefineNightmare
very sweet, the emotion is almost real! xD

love it!
7/4/2009 c1 jen lewis
I love this story! I am glad Mike and Brett got together. But the recent turn of events don't look too good. Stupid Will! Waqif obviously has not influenced him in any ways. And Lee with another child!
7/2/2009 c13 green
Now I understand Will's problem. That was extremely intuitively sensitive of Mohammad to pick up on the fact that Will needs to have boundaries. Again I will ask: What is wrong with Will?

Brett and Mike are so candid. So comfortable with each other. I thought they would be more romantic, but I guess Brett doesn't do that.
7/2/2009 c13 2Pundit
Love the chapter. Wow, Michael and Brett have a very interesting relationship. It's actually very real. Awesome story. Thanks for posting.
7/2/2009 c13 Josie
Hey good to see you. I've missed the story so!

Oh jeez... No, no, no! Mohammed! Will! No! Dammit did they have to? Of course they did. Hope they used a condom. Hope Will *always* uses a condom, considering how frickin promiscuous he is...

And then there's Mikey and Brett, in bed together. That's real love when you're like that, talking about your ex and getting of on thinking about them while shagging your boyfriend, and your boyfriend not all that bothered. Ok, that sounded bad, calling it real love, haha! But they're accepting.

Mucho love for the update!
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