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6/29/2009 c1 green
It's been over half a month without your story. It's a fix for me
6/16/2009 c12 Emily
Hey Wendy,

To my shame, I've only reviewed a few times before and I should have more often. I've been following your work for a few years now, and let me just say that reading the stories of Brett's gritty and oddly touching life has been an escape, a comfort, and a learning experience all in one. You're an amazingly talented writer and must be a very dynamic person to make all these colourful characters and cultures come to life on a page. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your stories with the world. You may not be being paid, but I know for sure that others, even across the world (I live in Canada) appreciate what you do.

Thank you!

6/14/2009 c12 green
This is the part that I like the most, the part that doesn't seem like a soap drama. This is the most life-like part.

Maybe your other readers don't like it. But I love it. Bravo to you for taking things from a potential explosion with Mo moving in, and making them more realistic, more adult like, more like the way something Brett would handle.

For those who like action, the upcoming party seems promising.
6/10/2009 c11 7SarryMatts
Been away for a while and I'm so happy you're writing again. Seeing a new couple of stories was brilliant. I've been reading all day. I'm glad you're writing about Bret again :) He's become one of my fav's of your characters.

Excellent as always

6/4/2009 c11 green
Mo is completely unprepared to live life on his own without outside help. How could he have lived for so long in a foreign country without experiencing the need to have a resume? It doesn't seem like there would be too many fights between Brett and Mo like before when Mo used to be so obnoxious, he seems to have wrapped his head around the situation. However, the fact that he can not take care of his children is apalling.

How many Muslims do you know to know all these litte details, to know they don't like dogs. The amount of research you put into this story, incredible!
6/2/2009 c11 Chibko
Fascinating that there's more to Mohammed than what we originally saw.. However, he's still a pretty crummy father... But I suppose it's more to do with his upbringing than anything else.

Hmm.. I think things will get more chaotic. Or perhaps I'm just hoping for more drama. haha This chapter barely whet my appetite.
6/2/2009 c10 Josie
Note, the last month or so I keep getting this error message when I go to your Fictionpress page or click between chapters:

403 Forbidden

Access to this resource on the server is denied! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site!

I have to hit 'reload' once or twice, then it usually works. Anyone else getting this? Anything that can be done about it?
5/28/2009 c10 green
Oh God, the drama! And just when things were going good between Mike and Brett

I can't wait to read about Mo, maybe with the loss of a job and acquisition of two children he will have grown more repentant, probably not.
5/27/2009 c10 Chibko
Oh the impending drama... This will be interesting. *grin*
5/27/2009 c10 Josie
Good *grief*! Mohammed staying in the house? People may think Brett is grumpy, but his biggest problem is not being able to say "no" when he really should. Frickin idiot.

But what I wanted to say was actually more constructive than that. I remember when you started writing Iska, or maybe when Will got his dentist boyfriend, that you said you were fascinated with other cultures but had little experience with them, had never been to any of these countries. Now, I'm no judge of Middle Eastern culture etc, but the stuff you're writing *seems* pretty goddamned sharp. You've got an 'ease' going with this multitude of nationalities, like you know very well what you're talking about, and it all sounds completely natural. You must have put some work into gaining the knowledge. In any case, it's another rare feature to find in fic and I applaud you.
5/27/2009 c10 23plumblossom
I can't imagine how anybody thinks they're going to survive the next few months. This is the most complicated mess I've read in a long time. And I adore these characters, even Ben and Teagan.
5/24/2009 c9 dafne22
Perfect chapter as usual :-) I think Mahir is better suited for Brett them Michael. But Brett loves Mike... so it is difficult.I am looking forward to next chapter...
5/20/2009 c9 plumblossom
All I can say is Mikey better be _asleep_ and not . . .

Anyhow, I just blew a couple of hours catching up withn this story. Yours are among my vey favorites.
5/19/2009 c9 green
I am wonderfully amazed and pleased at the speed of your beautiful updates.

I am equally amazed at how tired and exhausted these people are of living generally. Kind of angsty.

Also I noticed that Brett has a very different voice than any of the other characters in your recent stories. Will and Carmine and Iska were all very similar, with minor exception of course, but Brett is very original and fresh, so similar yet so differently evolved than the Brett from These Days. He does not have a whiny attitude towards life but rather tries to haggle it to do what he wants to do. He is grown up.
5/19/2009 c9 Josie
Ow my heart is all twisting over how depressed and worn Mike and Brett are, and Ben with his issues and all. When Brett & Michael broke up I couldn't believe it - they were meant to be forever... and now that they're getting sort of together again, they're not happy either and I don't know if it's really going to work out for them once (if) they get back to routine. I hope, but I worry. Can't help it, these people really are under my skin.
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