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6/9/2009 c21 1Forever or Never
Random ending, i can't really fit it with any of the rest of the collection but it seems to go nicely anyway. Welldone I will read another one of your collections.
6/9/2009 c20 Forever or Never
cute, very cute in such a dark collection it somehow goes well.
6/9/2009 c19 Forever or Never
this one is quite long but that's probably why i love it! rofl
6/9/2009 c18 Forever or Never
this is sad, but I love the question mark in the title, but you seemed to miss the question mark after the first line
6/9/2009 c17 Forever or Never
i dunno if i mentioned your creepy
6/9/2009 c16 Forever or Never
i don't understand why i am so hooked to your poetry but maybe one reason is your variety that somehow always feels familer, it is quirky to discribe maybe its just cause' of your weird names
6/9/2009 c15 Forever or Never
a long distance relationship you have had or something?
6/9/2009 c14 Forever or Never
this is good
6/9/2009 c13 Forever or Never
this is just creepy that must be why i love your stuff!
6/9/2009 c12 Forever or Never
YES YES YEPITY YEP! this has to be a bunch of poems based around a story, it just all fits together so good.
6/9/2009 c11 Forever or Never
maybe this could be another theme, maybe the person could have finaly tried to kill himself.
6/9/2009 c10 Forever or Never
Maybe you could turn this one could be in a collection as well that is based around this poem, so please take some of these hints into what i would like to read, because i think that it could be very big, plus you could get some fun stories put together with poems out of these. Just think about it. (please)
6/9/2009 c9 Forever or Never
YES I think that I sense another theme, maybe about trying to turn back time to change your life, and maybe not being able to fit in, even though everybody is different the main character finds him/herself even more different and then that person has flown over the edge and thinks about his experiences. Well, thats just what I have kind of picked up from the intro, man in grey, strangle, the unicorn one? and this one but thats just a wild guess i will have to keep reading.
6/9/2009 c8 Forever or Never
another very intense poem lollol
6/9/2009 c7 Forever or Never
um... yeah. This one seems like it might be a bigger story, I would love to see it expanded and not so confined into the one poem, maybe you could do another collection like Forbidden but longer and about this I would love to hear the story behind it. This one could maybe be a premise, i would like to see that.
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