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6/9/2009 c6 1Forever or Never
this one is really sweet
6/9/2009 c5 Forever or Never
thats really sad i've been at that point before.
6/9/2009 c4 Forever or Never
this one is alright but it doesn't really deserve to be the poem that the whole collection is named off.
6/9/2009 c3 Forever or Never
WOW, this is awsome this has made me want to read all your poems, (I am way to lazy lol) but this is awsome. I can only guess that it is about being different.
6/9/2009 c2 Forever or Never
Well, this is different, I wonder if the rest are this dark, because this one sure is. There is only one way to find out
6/9/2009 c1 Forever or Never
It is short...
5/28/2009 c21 10LeLa London
Random ending for me personally anyway. Well done effort for everything by the way.
5/28/2009 c20 LeLa London
I find it very intriguing that you posted this romantic poem within Strangle, but it must've fit there for a reason. Good job.
5/28/2009 c19 LeLa London
Gloomy and described very well.
5/28/2009 c18 LeLa London
I see hurt clearly throughout poem with flares of anger. I'm sad that you had to go through that.
5/28/2009 c17 LeLa London
Wow, no redemption on this one, just a sense of sinister forboding. Black poem, this one was.
5/28/2009 c16 LeLa London
I'd change the comma into a question mark instead. "Is young a game?...etc.

I agree with this poem. Being young, gaining experience, learning responsibilities of adulthood, it's tough and they just want to be teens partying forever. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. We all have to grow up sometime.
5/28/2009 c15 LeLa London
1. "You're sweet..."

2. "[...] like I am the one,

3. "10's" or "10 is"

4. "And when you're not, I wait,"

Infatuation. A long distance relationship?
5/28/2009 c14 LeLa London
I'm just empathetic to what the narrator worries about. One can't help focusing on something too much. Deep fear is under the surface. You can't think of anything else for a while so it's on the forefront of your mind.
5/28/2009 c13 LeLa London
Haunting and thought-provoking.
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