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for She Had Somewhere To Go

6/19/2021 c1 Jade
Please publish it's like having a favourite book that you cant find anywhere. I've even tried looking on amazon etc. Pleaseeee
6/18/2021 c1 Jadeeeee
Please self publish this! E. I read this over 10 years ago and still think about it!
2/8/2021 c1 Jade
Please update us. Its been 10 years or more and I still think about this story
10/8/2017 c1 1Selenion
Pleaseeee get this story published! I came back hoping for an update and nada!
10/8/2017 c1 Guest
Hello! When are you going to get this published?!
5/26/2017 c1 3L.C. Stine
I came back after years to read one of my fav fic press stories and it is gone LOL i understand why. But did you ever publish? Is there a new place to read this wonderful story?
5/13/2016 c1 Guest
If you do send it to a publisher, make damn sure it isn't the plagiarized version. Publishers check that sort of thing.
5/22/2015 c1 Jacky
plz plz PLZ repost the story, even if you haven't edited it at all! FP has really improved its site and people can't copy/paste content anymore. i'm sure there's a ton of other people who would love to reread your story!
5/22/2015 c1 Emily
Hi there! I'm from Houston and I drove past the Hillcroft area and thought of your story. I was wondering if you had any updates as of now!
3/10/2015 c1 ShinjuOokamiyasan
I really loved this story when I read it a few years back! I've actually been looking for it, but couldn't remember the name. I've been rereading all of my old favorites. I was wondering how your search for a publisher has been going? I'd be happy to buy it if it ever does get published. Have you ever considered putting it back up, on here or any other online publisher? Best wishes!-Shinju
6/6/2013 c1 Jess110
as long as you say where u can buy it once it get published (its too go not to get published) I will be happy
4/1/2013 c1 Derryn
i hope, in a twisted way, that the publishing doesn't work out just so that you'll repost the story again... but you shouldn't be selfish nah?

I 'll be truly happy if you get the chance to publish your story because it'll be a tremendous feat but i only have a vague idea...

I say go for it.

P.S. if you do publish it please post it here with the URL
3/21/2013 c1 2phoenix1500
If you're gonna be editing it, I thought I should point out that in the beginning of the story (I think chapter one), Caden calls Addie "Addie Lynn" and at another point in the book (I think when they're discussing plane tickets) he calls her "Addison Clarke". So you might want to fix her middle name.

Also, good luck with the publishing, you have real talent!
3/20/2013 c1 yeoz
:) if you plan in reposting, please make it soon! You are an amazing writer as well. :)
3/19/2013 c1 use.less.woman
This makes me so sad. Just yesterday Something made me randomly think of this story. I was going to read it again. Let us know when u publish it so i can buy it.
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