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6/5/2009 c1 5kazoua
Wow, i'm first reviewer?

I am a bit ashamed to say i only read this because of that odd "you review me i review you" thing some writers have going on... but.

Truth be spoken, or typed, you are a really good writer. I am horrible at insinuations and reading between the lines, so i cannot compliment too much on your plot. I am confused about that part of the story. But your actual writing style is great.

Not too 'modern' with all the silly little additives people try to throw in. Not too wordy with your well balanced syntax.

I'm not going to lie and say 'Perfect!' because you do have a few rough spots, but you are really good.

If you ever decide to actually post more stories or continue this one PM me or something. I never author alert people and I'm horrible at keeping track of writers.

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