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for The Necessity of Rules in Magic

5/14/2009 c1 81LittleLoser.AndRoloLamperouge
Magic in its entirety simply depends upon its author. The rules, may be something essential but not as important as the magic it imposes...nice job...
5/13/2009 c1 9Alteng
Some of your sources sited I didn't see in the course of this essay, but that is a minor thing.

It was an interesting essay. I am glad that you have a teacher that would put up with that. I had a fascination with the Salem Witch trials, but I was always told what I could write about. It wasn't near as interesting.

Although you say that you were on a word limit with this, and you went over a bit, I think I would have sited something about the Rumplstiskein story for the first born being given in exchange for a deed, and either "The Devil and Daniel Webster" or "Faust" for the deal with the devil bit.

Some of the rules of magic apply because a writer needs to give his/her character something to struggle through, else the reader would quickly lose interest. There can't be a poof of magic and all troubles solved.

Still, it is an interesting study, and Full Metal Alchemist is probably the best form or that type of magic. The Rumplestilskein falls into that alchemical magic more so, because there is an actual changing of subtance. I can't rememeber if the alchemist in FMA actually change the substance. They just formed it into what was needed.

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