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for My Devil Self

6/11/2012 c1 dreeming
She threw a hairbrush at his head, LOL. Haha, so random XD
1/8/2011 c1 7oogobeeta
lol! I NEVER laugh aloud while reading- im very emotionless, but this... I couldnt stop laughing! LMAO! That was so funny! love it... ^.^
11/5/2010 c1 8urtenshii
it was fun albeit a little random...

i like it though, it gives you smiles and i's actually thinking to do something daredevil ... HAHA

anyway i highly suggest you turn this into something longer

like a story having two to five chapter maybe ? just, you know, to give it a closure of some sort... it's actually a great start for one humor - filled story :)
5/15/2009 c1 always-true

this was an okay story i guess but in some parts it is reallty boring

its a pretty simple storyline.

but apart from that i think if you worked on this a bit more it could me really good
5/5/2009 c1 julia

it was a bit rushed at the end, conner's and kyla's conversation/interaction could be a little bit longer.

but all in all, a good read.

- julia
5/3/2009 c1 11Tecna
Haha, that was brilliantly well written. I loved it, one of the best and different one-shots ever.

Tecna ;)
5/3/2009 c1 31Cupid's Jinx
Lmao, love it!

A little rushed at the end, but I adore it none the less!

Most deffinately a favourite!


5/3/2009 c1 ImaginarySuperstar
That was actually a great story to read. I laughed during several parts. :)

Constructive criticism? Well, there were a few grammatical errors in there, but then I was reading one of the other reviews and found out you're only 13. Considering that fact, I'm actually fairly impressed. I mean, there were only a few things that I noticed and they were minor errors too.

So, keep up the good work! :)
5/3/2009 c1 sk8erade

This is an honest-to-god crack-up.

loved it.

will be looking out for any other stories you post ;)
5/2/2009 c1 romancerder

i really enjoyed dis one-shot

made me laugh :)

and i checked ur profile and it said ur only 13.

ur really good for 13
5/2/2009 c1 2writesstuff
hahaha I loved this =] I'm gonna go check out ur other stories now!~ lolz
5/2/2009 c1 4HighOnBrokenWings
Haha! THat was freaking hilarious! Actually! I reckon that this would make an awesome more than a oneshot. Very very funny! Haha! She threw a hair brush at him! That was great! And devil horns making you horny! Ha, actually that was the first thing that popped into my head too! The mushing the banana in his face thing reminds me of a fake electrecution video that i watched, that dude also stuck a banana in the others face. LOL! I wasnt actually going to read on at first, but Im really glad that I did. Try and make your beginning bits more luring in and stuff. :P Cant wait to see more from you :)
5/2/2009 c1 hannah
this is a real cute story.

& funny 2 x)

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