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for Paper Dandelions

5/25/2009 c1 forever again
For some odd, inexplicable reason, this story refreshed my idea of FictionPress. I see so much junk floating around here (not saying that every story on here is not worth reading) that I started to believe that good, original stories didn't exist anymore. I was extremely wrong; I thought the summary of your story was very interesting (along with the title), and I was happy to NOT see the usual "I SUCK AT SUMMARIES" or "READ SUMMARY HERE".

I normally would avoid stories with Japanese named characters because I know how most manga/anime writers are - butchering the language and making up crappy storylines.

Awesome story! I love Takashi's jealousy!
5/6/2009 c1 Guest
Lovely story. Unfortunately, I forgot my password for my account so I have to review anonymously. Either way, the story behind the paper dandelions was really sweet.
5/5/2009 c1 12Imminent Paradox
Aw, I love this! It's such a cute story! Okay... I'll stop with the crooning. I really did enjoy this, though. I mean, it's true- the littlest things can mess with the human emotions. Great story! :)

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