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for Feather Fall

6/20/2009 c1 3aPondInTime
Aww! That's such a sweet story.
5/8/2009 c1 blackasacrystal
Wow, what can I say, it is a catch. You have an amazing style of writing, and it was very interesting. Kept me into it and the ending of the chapter really has made me want to read more. Congrates!

I didn't catch many grammatical things (I'm not that great at grammar but if they were major I would have spotted it) although you did use a couple of cliches. The cliches weren't all the bad, I just had this horrible teacher who would skin us alive (hee hee, cliche, he would be so mad at me) if we ever used one so I catch then easily.

Great job, and keep it up!


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