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for The Nightmare-A Horror Dream

2/2/2004 c1 5aloofmonkey
Wow, nice summarization of a nightmare, I tried to do a story from my nightmare but didn't succeed. Nice one.
7/31/2003 c1 Adam Burns
I think you have the bare bones of the story there , but why dont you try to put more emphasis on what the reverend is (not who, you understand, but what)and its true Rob Zombie kicks ass.
5/13/2001 c1 5Divine Sorceress
weird dream.
5/3/2001 c1 MoulinRougeChica
4/28/2001 c1 Mr. Evil
hehehe, you reminded me of Blade with your Katana. Good one.
4/27/2001 c1 70Megan
Don't listen to Danny Elfman, either. That will really screw with your head.

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